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Topic: Ethics , Society
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My position before work.

Abortion, think that a word of five letters can mean so many different things to different people.
For some it is totally unacceptable to have an abortion, while for others it is quite obvious that one can have an abortion. I'll be quite honest I do not know in which of the two groups I'm in. I'm probably a little in between. I think in a way that it is wrong. To kill, after all, a fetus is beginning to live and be a man. But still it has not begun to live quite yet (not while you can still make an abortion, I think?) And not completed its development . But I still think it feels completely wrong. BUT, although I would be against it, and if I myself would get pregnant, when I'm not ready to have children yet, so it would still feel good to know that I have an option. Abortion. I would certainly feel bad after I made it, but I think you learn to live with it, have read quite a lot of people who had an abortion and they have written that they measure very bad for a while and felt that they had a "shame" over , but it passed over after a while. But I've also read about people who have written that they really felt that they were right when they did the abortion. There's an alternative if you feel that you do not want the child and does not want an abortion. One can have the baby and then adopt it away. But I think it is so that you have to have the baby for 6 months first before you can adopt it off so you have the option to keep it if you want.


In Sweden it is free to have an abortion but in some countries it is not. In some religions consider to the fetus as a child who praised the life and regards abortion as murder, although they may think that abortion is good sometimes, for example, if the child became through a rape or if the woman's life is in danger. Some other religions focus more on women's rights to a free choice and believes that all children born will be welcome. 1993 forbade Poland abortion unless there were severe malformation or rape.


Sweden today, yesterday and tomorrow.
The word "abortion" comes from the English word "abortion" has many meanings, first and foremost, it means Freaks / deformed creature. In the beginning, did you just aborted by the very reasons.
Since 1975, Sweden has had a law which says that the woman has the right to decide whether she wants to terminate the pregnancy up to the 18onde week of pregnancy.
Until 1864 abortion completely illegal in Sweden, it was considered infanticide and it was punishable.
In 1938 a law was passed that said that you had to have an abortion if the baby arrived through a rape or if the child or the woman's life was in danger.
Then from 1975 to 2005, the more it has been more than one million abortions in Sweden.

I think it will be about the same in the future as it is today. Maybe you do not get an abortion as late as you get today, but I still think that abortion will be an opportunity for those who have received an unwanted pregnancy. I think if there would be a law that says you can not get an abortion, will instead be first give birth and then kill it as infants. For it was in the past. But one can also adopt it away, but it's not all either as want.
Internationally today, yesterday and tomorrow.
In Ireland, it is completely forbidden to have an abortion, because they have great influence of the Catholic Church. But since 1992, it is permissible for Irish women to have abortions abroad ..
In Africa and Asia, it is also absolutely prohibited abortion. Where do they not care so much about what the woman wants and likes.
In China introduced a law in 1978 that you can only give birth to a child. In India, girls are worth less so usually if they found out that it would be a girl they did abortion.
In Russia there are twice as many abortions than births.
In Nicaragua (located in Central America) criminalized all types of abortion with the threat of long prison sentences. If the pregnancy was caused by rape, incest or life-threatening for the woman does not matter. Most of which are probably still a fairly positive view of the new law, because 90% of the population there are Catholics.
Last year in Sweden were 37,000 abortions. Across Europe, Sweden is the country where most abortions are performed.

In many countries where it is legal abortion makes them illegal abortions that could cause death and so I believe that in future there will be more countries that allow abortions.

Arguments for and against

This fetus is 15 weeks. In Sweden, you get an abortion until the fetus is 18 weeks. Then a child is only three weeks old begin their heart beat

If I were to think of ethical duty on the abortion issue:
Duty Ethics is strictly against abortion, and killing (if one can call abortion killing) whatsoever. Duty Ethics is a theory of value, and it does not care about the consequences of action without it cares about the document itself. Regarding abortion believes deontology are that it is murder because the fetus is innocent and can not speak his mind.

If I were to think of the impact ethically about this:
The document to get the best impact is right.
If I have been raped, or feel too young, or if I know that baby I have in my stomach would get some disease that makes it will have to fight every day for their life becomes the better the consequences if I do an abortion, it saith himself. Or if I simply do not want the child becomes the consequences also better if I do an abortion because a child is dependent on the love and the now not welcome the child might feel better to not be born. In its judgment modes is it okay to have an abortion if you think about the impact ethically, but you have to think carefully before anyway so you do not do anything hasty, and that's why it's sure to weigh the options against each other and which one will produce the best restultat.
- Will I be able to live with the idea that I killed a child?
- Will I be able to take care of it myself if the father wants to be with and take care of it if I choose to keep it?
- Will I have time to have care for the child?
etc. ...

If I were thinking mind ethically:
What determines whether an action is right or wrong, the intention behind the act.
Alignment Ethically, I think is a bit like the impact ethically,
If you think it's okay to have an abortion as long as the child can not go it alone (with breathing and eating) should not really find it just as much right to the child when it is born? Because then can not a child cope itself, it can not feed themselves, it can not go, do not dress herself ..

My position after work

After I have written a little about this, and seen pictures after the actual abortion (pictures below), so it feels like I'm a little more against than for, but it still feels nice that there are options even though I think it's horrible. There is a movie on www.nejtillabort.se that is very touching. Certainly, one sees that it has completed its development than to be born and to have had time to become a man but one still sees what it is and what it is becoming, and is more than three weeks old and thus have a pounding heart and brain have begun formed.

Erika Andersson

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  1. SCH on May 6, 2010 at 6:39 pm #

    really well written, is also in with a job that has to do with abortion. I did not know what I would write in the beginning but now it became easier when I read what you had written. Really well,

  2. Saskia on March 28, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    Interesting essay.

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