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Topic: Economy
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Retirement Savings

Pension is increasingly common. You put in the amount of a bank or insurance company. The earlier you started saving, the more money it gets. The most common is to take a small portion of their salary each month


Stocks are shares in a limited company. When you buy these you will then co-owner of a small part of the company. The shares increases and then decreases in value depending on how good the company is.
There is always a certain amount of shares in a company, they then circulates between the owners. When you want to buy such 500 shares will first find out what they cost each instance 356 kr. It then offers some to sell their shares to you by offering you a higher price than what they are worth such 380 / share. Accepts his bargain, you pay your 190 000 and he is over the shares to you. If enough people want to buy and thus outbid each other in order to buy the share value increases, but if nobody wants to buy, and people rather than trying to get rid of their shares and thus offering others to buy them cheap to get rid of them reduces the share value. The value depends, in other words a mixture of how the company is and what people are willing to pay for them.
If your shares now after a while has risen, you can sell them for such 410 SEK each. The buyer then pays 205 000 and you have earned 15 000th
There are different types of shares. A and B shares are the most common two. It stands on shares what type it is eg B. Ericsson B shares are the most and they are the most actively traded, they used to earn money simply. With an A share buy more yourself in the company, you get to be with and decide things on large meetings and vote in the company. These shares buys and retains quite a while. Some "groups" feed on stocks and stock trading. They purchase large quantities of Class A shares in the company to influence wide what a company should and should not do. Large such "groups" such as Wallenberg try and buy for a million amount the majority of a company's Class A shares and then controls nearly Company. Therefore often try company owning most of its Class A shares.

Premium Bonds

Premium bonds issued by the government and provides no guaranteed return. It will be drawn instead from among those who own premium bonds. These can then be redeemed for usually 5-10 years with the stamped value - the so-called nominal. They buy and sell their bonds at a bank.

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