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Topic: Economy
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There are many ways if you want to make money from their savings.
The easiest way is to start a bank account and pay their money, but if you do it so escape is not so much on it because of the low interest rate. Another way is to deposit their money in a mutual fund.
Then let man experts choose where your money will end up, if we did that for a number of years ago and you have almost certainly gone with a hefty profit, it has namely been very good for that kind of savings in recent years.
Since there are many different mutual funds and bonds that you can also make money in but it often does not equal profit.
If you think that the previous modes are too boring and already tried the lottery and similar games, you can always try saving in shares. It is the form of saving, I think is best, I think it is easier to make big gains in stocks than to gamble away all the money on the lottery or similar games.
A share is actually a part of a corporation, ie a company that has chosen to incorporate themselves.
There are different types of shares. A- and B-shares are the most common two. B shares are the most actively traded, while buying it wants to be alone make money. With the purchase of a Class A share, you get a say in deciding the company, so they share one usually keep longer than the B shares. There are some people who subsist on shares. They buy when a large amount of A shares and control when almost now, one example is the Wallenberg.
Therefore the company tries to have as large a majority of the shares that they are sure to get through their will.
There are many who have been influenced by all the positive things written about shares in magazines and has now started saving. Many made their first trading when Telia corporatised, but many were disappointed that it sank almost instantly. For those who do not dare try because of ignorance, there are aids.
Among other things, a lot of magazines dedicated solely to share and if you have Internet access, you can always find facts and tips on all sides that hold shares as the main point. The sites I looked at have been really good with lots of facts and tips about where to place their money. It's a great way to find out which shares to buy and not buy, there are a number of.
First, you can always rely on chance and just close your eyes and then tap of a stock and then buy it, but it's not particularly reliable and then you can just as well play the lottery.
Another good way is to join in a stock parklubb, then get tips from others about shares and stuff. But it can also mean that you make new friends, and family is much more important than money so ....
If you finally decide to join in a stock club so will be able to pay money when you feel like it and the more you pay the greater share of the profits you get. The fact is that all parts of a portfolio which initially may be around 5-6 shares.
That way you can be part of a decent portfolio for a relatively small cost.
But if you think it seems sad not to decide all by yourself so you should definitely learn more and take the risk that you have in the beginning and take a chance, it can give huge profits but one should not ignore the risks.
It may one day turn pretty much, a rise or fall of around 2% in the general index on only one day is nowadays quite normal and an index change of 5% or more in a week is nothing special. But if you would end up in the middle of a slight decline or a stock market crash, so you should never sell their shares. Then go to the usually with a great loss and the value of shares will most likely rise again so it pays to be frigid.
I think there will come a stock market collapse at any time, there have not been any really big stock market crash in a while, the last was the October-November 1998 and they usually supposed to come when you are not expecting them.
Usually you fail the predicted declines in equity prices so when there is lot of warnings in the vanlaga newspapers can often be quite calm.
If you then think you have a good purchase so you first find out what the shares cost each, eg 225 SEK each. If you then want to buy 500 pcs, you get then offer any more money than what they are worth eg 240 SEK / each.
When a person accepts your purchase you get when paying their 120,000 to the person and then send the person then share to you.
If then the shares will rise and you want to sell them, you can then sell them for example 260 SEK / each, then he will eventually get a profit of SEK 20 000.
I myself think that shares seem more and more interesting. My interest was piqued a bit when AIK football decided that they would be corporatised, then sat all the time up there on the net and read all the facts and how it should be done. Another thing that sparked my interest was when Telia share was the hottest news in a few weeks.
Now, in recent years it has become much easier to buy shares including through the Internet, and soon it will go to buy shares directly from the cell phone, and that's always good.
During praon in eighth grade, so kept my supervisor much on the shares so then I learned quite a lot about how to do and stuff.
I think in the future I will buy the shares, but for now I hold myself to mutual funds and ironing hint. For nothing can take the tension from sitting in front of the TV and have the chance to 13 right on Stryktipset.

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