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Al Gore and global warming


"The biggest problem is not what we do not know, but what we know for sure, but that is actually wrong."

These wise words used MarkTwain when it turned out that all the continents once upon a time have been sitting together, though nobody believed it. People thought that the continents were so large that they could not possibly move. Even today, people have beliefs that they "know" is right but which subsequently found to be incorrect. Many believe, for example, that:

- The Earth is so big that our impact could hardly harm the environment.

This is not true!

Who is Al Gore?

Albert Arnold Gore Junior, also called Al Gore, was born March 31, 1948 in Washington DC.

He is married, has four children and has been the US vice president for 8 years (1993-2001) - under Bill Clinton. Gore has also been a candidate against, inter alia, Bill Clinton to be the Democratic representative for the presidential election in 1998, which he later withdrew due to poor results. Clinton became the Democrats' choice and he later also became president. Al Gore became vice president for another four years.

After 8 years as president must not Bill Clinton set up to be reelected again. Then was Al Gore, the Democrats' new presidential candidate (2000). The choice stood between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush. It came to be the toughest election in many years. It eventually became a court could decide which of the candidates who would be president of the United States. After having calculated all the electronic votes by hand, became George W. Bush the winner.

Al Gore has received both the Nobel Prize and an Oscar. The Nobel Prize he was due. He has managed to convey the message about global warming, in a good way for people. Oscar he received for his film "An Inconvenient Truth", which I later intend to reproduce portions of what they raise, and immerse me some of those.

Besides Al Gore is an environmental activist and former politician - he is also an author, entrepreneur and former journalist.

Al Gore's father was Albert Gore and was born in 1907 in Tennessee. Between 1953-1971, he was a senator (about the same as today's members) for Tennessee. He also owned their own tobacco cultivation, which he held very dear.

Al Gore's mother - Pauline La Fon Gore, (born 1912) - came from a poor family. She was one of the first women who studied to be a lawyer. Gore's older sister started smoking when she was very young and later died from lung cancer. Tobacco farming as his father worked for almost his entire life, was closed down.

An inconvenient truth!

So, now back to "an inconvenient truth". I had intended to tell a little about what they talk about in the film.

The film is about global warming. The temperature on Earth has risen much in the last 10 years and there have been many heat waves, especially in 2005. Even in the oceans, the temperature has increased and this causes great climatic changes. The storms also becomes stronger. In 2004, for example, Japan 10 different typhoons. Scientists say it is impossible to tropical hurricanes will occur in the South Atlantic. But in 2004 Brazil was hit by one.

Hurricane Kathrina (2005) passed the first Florida and when the latter passed the warmer waters increased wind speed and humidity. Kathrina killed thousands of people and caused great chaos.

Something that you often do not notice the increase in global warming is also increased precipitation at more occasional large storms. Precipitation Evaporation sends up moisture from the ocean and when oväderna will fall more down. There have been many disasters on Earth. For example, India was a huge flood in July a few years ago, 94 cm of rain in a day. Global warming is causing not only rain but also drought. In China, at the same time as the flooding in India was an extreme drought.

What is the purpose of this film and what he wants to convey?

The purpose of this film is not only to inform - but it also wants to arouse debates, influence and get us people around the host, to really understand what global warming is doing to our planet.

In his film he conveys this large and complicated problems in a fact-based, but often also a very humorous way, which is easy to absorb. Gore has therefore worked hard to try to reach out to all kinds of people. He also wants to give tips on what we ourselves can do to contribute to a better environment. For example, we can take the bus or ride your bike instead of driving the car to work.

How is the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is a gaseous envelope around the globe. Its composition is essentially equal everywhere except the amounts of water vapor and contaminants. The atmosphere provides us not only with vital gases such as nitrogen and oxygen - but also protects the earth from harmful rays and retains heat. These rays heat up the Earth are called infrared rays and when they hit the earth's surface, bouncing the majority back into space. The rays that remains, therefore heats up the earth and give us the climate is. But the atmosphere is very thin and delicate.

When it is affected by our pollution, it becomes more dense, which leads to no infrared rays can be reflected back into space as easily. Thus slows the pollutants, this process making our climate warmer. This is known as global warming.

Shelf ice on the south / north.

An ice shelf is the white and the oldest ice. The explanation for the temperature increase is so dramatic here is the result. that the white ice reflect much sunlight. When the sea gets warm and the ice melts and is replaced with "dark sea" that emits the dark surfaces much more heat and light does not bounce back into the atmosphere. It creates a "vicious circle", more heat, less ice, more dark water, even higher temperature, even less ice, etc. But something that really is dangerous, is that when the ice melts releasing methane gas in huge quantities. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 20 times. worse than carbon dioxide. If the frozen gas comes loose, man can not anymore stop climate catastrophe.

The North Pole is the part that is affected rapidly by global warming. Arctic's largest ice shelf Ward Hunt burst 5 years ago. All were surprised, especially scientists. Al Gore think about 50-70 years, the ice in the Arctic will be gone. He also thinks that all the flows will change direction.

Shelf ice around Antarctica (South Pole) have also started to melt very quickly. The water level would rise by about 10-12 m. If the ice melts. Even the ice in Greenland melts at record speeds. The Netherlands will perhaps disappear in the future. I think Onsala, Kungsbacka, perhaps even parts of Halland will eventually disappear under the flood waters.

"9 uncomfortable wrong:"

Something that I think is strange in the film is when he told me about when they made a selection of 928 scientific articles about global warming. There, he claims not to have an article agreed that it is we humans that cause global warming and that there is a big problem. Instead, he believes that it was something like: "Global warming is a theory and not fact."

I think there certainly are those who believe that we must do something about this big problem, because it is we who created it.

Although "An Inconvenient Truth" has received 92% positive reviews, the Supreme Court of Stobritanien decided that one must not show the film for British school children if we do not point out these 9 errors:

No. 1: It takes several thousand years for the oceans to rise even 7 m. It is impossible that the surface should raise

so high in the coming time.

No. 2: There is no scientific evidence that the storm Kathrina was caused by the

Global warming.

No.3: There is also no scientific evidence that Lake Chad in Africa would have been drained of global warming.

No. 4: There is no reasonable fact that the snow thaws Kilimanjaro.

No. 5: It is not scientifically proven that the low-lying atolls in the Pacific Ocean risk

disappear as sea level rises.

No. 6: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that it is unlikely that the Gulf Stream will cease

or change direction due. global warming.

No. 7: Al Gore believes that the polar bears drown if they can not find steady ice to stay. The

there are only four known cases of polar bears drowned in a storm.

No. 8: Nor is it proved that it is due. climate threats that coral fades in the oceans.

No. 9: There are 2 overestimated the charts in the movie that is about carbon emissions and

temperature changes over the last 650,000 years. Al Gore says that they are

absolutely correct but, according to the British judgment is the judgment exaggerated.

What can we do ourselves?

For us to have a better environment I cycle eg at school, at home, we eat mostly organic, and often use CFLs. We lower the heat to the minimum necessary, and the showers are not the warmest, and shut off the water when eg shampooing the hair. Prepares food you put yourself clearly on the lid on the pot, to make it boil faster and therefore less energy access.

But if one wants to think even more on the environment and get into the details, so you can eat potatoes and wheat instead of rice and pasta that are often imported far. We can eat root vegetables, cabbage, peas, beans and possibly organic salad, tomato and cucumber. It is useful and not imported from countries far away. Eat Swedish apples and strawberries, and not exotic fruits. Choose words such as follow the seasons here at home. And another thing that is important to think about the food - juice. The fruits are often imported and also the juice is transported long distances. Many choose other fish such as pangasius instead of the depleted cod. Then you can think about buying for example, saithe or salmon found in much closer to the water.

Always recycle paper, bottles / cans etc., Because it manufactures new from the old.

Always put out lights in rooms you are not staying in etc.

Yes, many may think it seems cumbersome and tedious to "hold on and think" all the time. We live in a consumer society where through advertising and media urged to buy while "saving money"; Buy a TV now - to get a bike for free! Or "Take three - pay for two"! It is easy to be influenced and who do not want to bargain and to make a bargain?

At the same time it is anyway we ultimately choose. Products that do not sell, worthwhile course itself still does not producers - because I believe that we can influence more than we think. Just think of all the thousands of packages to drag home every year? So easy to select the refill package !?

If everyone helps out and pull their bit, I think we can do much. You do not need to change anything in their home and life at once, choose one or two new items every month. Do not get compost and all waste collection containers while you start cycling to work, school and become a vegetarian!

I would finally like to end with the following words;

"Small steps in the right direction, are also making progress - especially if they become permanent!"

Josefin Nordlander

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