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Alexandre Dumas

Subject: Biographies
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Alexandre Dumas Born in 1802 to a poor little farm in Aisne, France. His father was a general under Napoleon and died in 1806 when Dumas was only 4 years old. When he was little, he was not so interested in studies, but most of poaching in the woods. But then, after having worked as a copyist in a notary's office, he decided to go to Paris. There he went to the theater and read books. After a while he took to write and even had people who wrote to him. He then took the lyrics of his workers had written and gave them a personal touch and put their name on them. Although he earned a lot of money during his career as a writer, he drew huge debts and was forced into exile. He returned penniless to Paris a few years later and worked for a small fortune which he lived the rest of his life. He died in 1870, aged 68 at the home of his son Dieppe .He was a very talented writer and wrote both novels like adventure books and follow pliers in newspapers. Books he has written persists even today. For example Dom Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, which is very famous. Here is a short piece of the Count of Monte Cristo:

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