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Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte Cristo

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The book is written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844, it was first published in 1845-46 as a serial in the Journal des débats. It is one of the world's most-read adventure novels. The idea of ​​"borrowed" Dumas from another author, Jacques Peuchet, which was not unusual at the time when it was not so careful copyright that now.
Alexandre Dumas stands as the author of some 250 books, but you do not really know what it actually is he himself who wrote. He had a writers' workshop where several other authors wrote under his name. He is best known for his historical novels such as The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask and precisely Count of Monte Cristo. These books are you also fairly sure it actually is he himself who skrivit.Boken played for about 22 years between 1815 and 1837th
Edmond Dantes, mate of the ship Pharaon, the 1815 home to Marseille after a miserable trip with Pharaon when the captain died.
When Dante comes home owner appoints Morrel (the owner of Morrel & Son, a trading there Pharaon belongs to) him to the captain of the Pharaon. Superkargen Danglars, becoming frantic hatred and jealousy when he learns that Dante's going to be captain. A little while later hits Danglars, Fernand, a fisherman who is unhappily in love with Dante's future wife Mercedes.
Danglars and Fernand united in their hatred of Dante and writes a letter to the police they accuse Dantes for trying to help the deposed Emperor Napoleon. The royal prokuratorns substitute the Villefort understand that Dante is innocent but when he learns that the letter Dantes would supply was addressed to Mr. Noir Tier as he burned the letter and told Dante that he did it to be nice, as this was the only evidence were against him. Then, as he judged Dante to life imprisonment so that this could never tell if the letter to anyone.
After a long time in prison at the Castle, If digs an old man from the next cell up to Dante's lair in an attempt to escape. The man is a polymath named Abbe Faria. Dante gets during his time in prison taught by Faria and may eventually find out that Faria know of a tax on the island of Montecristo. When Faria then dies fleeing Dante by switching places with the dead. He takes to the island of Montecristo where he just like the abbe had said'll find a huge fortune. Now he sets out to take revenge on the three who ruined his life. One by one he avenged on them, but in the end he realizes that:
"His vengeance has become far more gruesome than justice invited."
So after one of the three are dead and one is crazy, so he lets it go last, after he nearly ruined him. It all ends happily, however, at least for Dante, that he marries his former slave Haydée.

One of the most important scenes in the book is when Dante's just met Abbe Faria and he will help him figure out what it is that has gotten him jailed. Before that thought Dante that he had no enemies and he had previously never thought of revenge. Abbe said later that he regrets it.
"- I am sorry that I helped you along the way with the investigations and said, what I said, he said.
- Why? Asked Dantes.
- Because I am with you grafted a sense, as before, was not there: revenge. "
So without this conversation, so the book had perhaps ended with Dante escaped, found the treasure and lived happily ever after ..?

The main characters in the beginning:

Edmond Dantes - he is the mate of the ship Pharaon, when the ship's captain dies, he is told that he will be appointed to the ship's new captain. He is engaged to Mercedes. He becomes okyldigt accused of having tried to help the deposed Emperor Napoleon. He is imprisoned in the castle If.
Danglars - he's supercargo on Pharaon and becomes extremely jealous of Dante when he learns that he will be the new captain. He writes indication letter along with Fernand.
Fernand - he is a poor fisherman who is in love with Mercedes, Edmonds fiancée.
The Villefort - he is the royal prokuratorns substitute in Marseille. The letter that Dante would deliver from Napoleon was addressed to Mr. Noir Tier, then they want Forts father, a notorious Bonapartists.
Mercedes - She's Dante's fiancée.

The main characters after at least 14 years of age:

Edmond Dantes - as he, after 14 years managed to escape from If so avenge him on those who framed him. He calls himself including the Count of Monte Cristo.
Danglars - he is now Baron. He is a banker and very rich.
Fernand - he is now married to Mercedes, they have a son named Albert. Fernand now called the Count de Morcef, he was General and member of parliament. He became so successful by betraying ruler Ali Pasha struggle against the Turks. He also sold Ali's wife and daughter to slave traders.
The Villefort - he is remarried and has two children. He is now the Royal procurator in Paris. His father is now completely paralyzed and lives with him, it's just they want Forts daughter Valentine who can understand him.
Mercedes - she is married to Fernand and together they have the son Albert.
The book takes place mainly in Paris, but also Marseille and the Castle of If is important places.

The book is told in chronological order by an omniscient narrator.

The only allusion to the older literature I could find is that Dante's on a few occasions calls himself Sinbad Sailors.

I think that the book was very good, among the best I've read. Because the book is a classic from 1844 that the author uses a rather complicated old-fashioned language, in some occasions do so that they find it difficult to understand, this means that I only recommend the book for those who think they can handle a long book using a fairly difficult language. It will eventually also many names that will be difficult to keep track of. But are you looking for a good and long adventure story, so this is a good classic to recommend.

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