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All Saints Day

Subject: Religion
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All Saints Day, the feast that gives sadness, joy, intimacy and brings both good and bad memories. All Saints Day is a holiday celebrated around the world in order to remember our deceased loved celebrate their time on earth. In our time, this day has also become an occasion when people gather to masquerade.

All Saints Day is associated today much of Anglo-Saxon festival of Halloween, which is the equivalent to our feast. Halloween and All Saints Day has the same roots but differ slightly in how the two feasts are celebrated. Halloween is celebrated by children running around dressed as ghosts and the like, begging candy. If they do not get candy after visiting some results in mischief and pranks of all kinds and at night `s dinner with family and friends. All Saints Day is a more familiar and quiet celebration when you should take the time to socialize with family and remembering the dead. The two feasts Halloween and All Saints Day falls during the same period in late autumn, but a week apart.

Actually, All Saints Day a fine old tradition that allows us to stay up in everyday life and reflect on life. We mourn our dead and celebrate their lives on earth. For many, the All Saints associated with grief over the deceased relatives and for others it means All Saints Day proximity and a chance to gather loved ones together to enjoy each other while remembering our dead relatives and friends. For still others it will be an opportunity to "jump the gun" Halloween by dusting off their fancy clothes and pose with masquerade.

How to celebrate All Saints' Day?

In Sweden, it is common that we celebrate All Saints Day by gathering loved ones. Along eat family dinner and remember the dead. Many people choose to celebrate the dead, life on earth rather than just mourn them. This is usually done by holding a party with good food and nice atmosphere. Maybe associated with masquerade? In the evening, many people go to their deceased relatives and friends graves to light a memorial candle or lay a wreath there. Seeing a large cemetery during All Saints' Day is usually a mighty sight of thousands and thousands of candles burning on the graves.

The timing of the All Saints' Day

Valentine's Day is a moveable feast. This means that the celebrated on different dates each year. Earliest date for Valentine's Day is October 31 and the last day when the feast may occur is November 6. Earlier fell Valentine's Day is always on November 1 and was then called the feast only on November 1. In most countries of the world falls All Saints' Day is always on a certain fixed date, then usually Nov. 1, but after a holiday reform in Sweden that took place in 1772 changed the date to be moved. After a private bill in 1953, it was determined that All Saints Day falls on a Saturday every year, the same time it was decided also that the name would be All Saints Day.

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