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Valentine's Day

Topic: Culture
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Valentine's Day is a wonderful festival that brings butterflies in the stomach of young and old. Having your own "Valentine" to pay attention to this feast of love Valentine's Day is wonderful. But Valentine's Day is basically not about love, but about a saint named Valentine or Valentinus.

The history of Valentine's Day

How Valentine's Day originated from the beginning, no one knows. What one can safely say is that it probably arose within the Catholic Church around the 400's, and the feast is not associated with love until around the middle ages. How and why it occurred, there is, however, divided on, depending on who you ask.

Theories on Valentine's Day

A classic story of Valentine's Day, or Valentine's Day, is about a man named Valentinus who lived in the 200's. Valentinus should have been sentenced to death by beheading, why he was sentenced to death, however, there is disagreement about. The reason that the Catholic Church decided to canonize Valentinus was because he, among other things, shortly before his execution be given sight to his fångvaktares daughter.

A similar story tells of a Roman Christian named Valentine. This story is not much different to the previous one when it's about a man on the 200's as was imprisoned and sentenced to death by beheading. The story describes Valentine as a passionate man who was burning for love. His greatest pleasure to have been picking bouquets of flowers in the gardens and give them to loving couples. Another passion must have been to marry young lovers. Emperor Claudius II banned marriages of young couples, something that Valentine defied, the result was a death sentence. In prison, awaiting death, Valentine fell in love and the jailer's daughter. Before his execution was the young woman a love letter, signed "Your Valentine".

From this, it has come later, which certainly is not as big in Sweden but the greater in other countries. In the U.S., for example, it is common to give a "Valentine Card" on Valentine's Day to the man's in love in. If the person receiving the card promises it will be Valentine's for a year.

Valentine's Day in Sweden

In English-speaking countries is Valentine's Day , Valentines Day or a very large and deep rooted feast. This day is dedicated to the love and the idea is that anyone who does not already have a partner, to find that very day. Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 every year and has been in Sweden since the 1960s. Originally this day was nothing special and was recognized by very few people. During the 1990s, was Valentine's Day in Swedish festival calendar and was immediately given a boost. Today all know Valentine's Day and it is celebrated by almost everyone.

Why they chose to Valentine's Day at February 14 we know not. One theory is that Valentine should have executed that very day, and another theory, which is more realistic, is that you have chosen to have love feast during the period of the year that most people fall in love. At the spring and the months of February and March are the months of the year when people decide to get out and catch the first rays of the sun. The sun warms, buds burst and the birds are singing, it's like set for romance and love.

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  1. Elsa Lovisa Brattlund on February 24, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

    Yes there may be a problem with hjärte things. Of course, I met a new guy and we had a "talk" about our relationship on Valentine's Day. He has a girlfriend and I were boyfriend when we met. He wants us to continue to meet while he has his solid relationship with the other girl.

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