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Loved Marlene

Subject: Swedish
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- Come, he said, we go out a bit. Marlene was totally caught on. They went out on the balcony, it was spinning in her head. Stoffe caressed her cheek.
- I think so damn much about you Marlene, do you know?, He whispered.
- You're drunk, 'she said quietly.
- FULL!? Do not believe me? You are special, you make me smile, you make me want to go to school in the morning.
He leaned forward and his lips touched hers. Marlene thought she would crack. She put her arms around his neck and his tongue touched hers. She just wanted to stand there forever. Someone called from within Stoffe
- I'll be back soon. The disappearance not. Okay?
- I'll wait right here.
Stoffe went into the apartment and Marlene felt devouring dizzy, she had thundering headache, and she felt that she might have given up those last wine glasses. She grabbed the railing behind him, or the railing she thought was there. Everything went in a second, everything went black.
She opened her green eyes in the hospital one week later. The room was quiet and no one was there. She did not know if she was alive or not, she did not remember anything. Beside her stood a wooden table with brund tusetals flowers in all different colors. There were cards from various friends, and from the family. She opened a card with a big red heart on. "Loved Marlene. Do not leave me now. Sorry I left you on the balcony there, everything is my fault. If you wake up again you should know that you're all I think about. You are everything to me. I love you. Always yours. / Stoffe "Now comes the pictures back, she remembers when she was standing on the balcony with Stoffe, she remembers that John shouted at Stoffe, and she fell. She began to cry. Tears ran down her cheeks. One was quite swollen. She had drip into the arm, and plaster around one foot. She had the arm on a pillow, and she had probably broken wrist, she tried to move his hand but it was in terrible pain. Then watched her mother through the window on the door, then she went again. Then she snatched up the door.
- I DID NOT SEE THAT YOU had awakened!
- Do not shout please mom, I have a lot of pain in the head.
- Sweetheart how are you? Oh, we did not think you would wake up again.
Then came a nurse in, she would squeeze everywhere, then came the rest of the family into. And it was jäteskönt to see Minette again, my beloved little sister. I was left at the hospital in Additional one week. The wrist was not broken, but only significantly sprained. She had a nasty neck injury. And a concussion that was absolutely incredible that she managed. She would come back in three weeks and operate the head. She did not remember which part, but there was something strange in any case. When Monday came retrieved her Mom with her car. She helped Marlene down to the end. She was on crutches and a large patch on the right side of the forehead. Now she just wanted to go back to school.
- Are you sure that I will not come in?
- Yes mom, it's okay. I'll be fine.
- I'll call you when you can get me? Okay?
- Yes, sweetie, that will be good. Never forget that I love you.
- Puss mom, I love you också.Hon took three breaths before she knocked on the beige door. it was Jossan opened. She looked at Marlene, then she began to cry. She threw herself over Marlene, who was about to lose her balance on the crutches she had to rely on.
- You live. Fyfan for you Marlene. I thought itne you would come back any more. That's at least what the doctors said.
- I'll be fine. Thanks for the flowers, by the way, they were jättefina. Is Stoffe here?
- No, you can sit with Carro in the library.
- Carro?
- Yes, we are doing group work at So: n
- Okay, but the health of the others that I'm meeting Stoffe first, I will come back later.
- Yes, I will. Do not you want me to come?
- No, it's not necessary. I'll be fine by myself.
She jumped off toward the library, the only thing she thought of was Stoffe. And when she saw his blond kallufs the sofa, where she was happy again. She knocked on the window and met Stoffes gaze. He just gaped, then he grabbed soffryggen and threw herself over the couch pch rushed out the door. He stopped a few feet away from her. He looked at her with his brown deer eyes. He stretched out his arms towards her. She leaned against his warm embrace. The people had gathered around them now. Tears ran on both Stoffe and Marlene now.
- Now you know anyway I what grief is, fyfan. I've never been this sad.
- Sorry, but I was dizzy, and I did not know there was no railing. I knew nothing when I fell.
- But I felt enough pain when you lay down there. I never thought I would get to hold you again. But now I release you never.
- I do not want to leave you either. But you can calm down a bit, I pinched?
- Haha, oh sorry.
- Shall we go to the mall? I want to hang out a bit.
- Sure, I'll just finish with Carro. We still ends now.
He walked through the door again.
- Stoffe!
- Yes?
- I love you.
- I love you too babe.
Then they went hand in hand towards the mall. She knew how the blood flowed through her. She would never red a wine-glass more. Did she at least. Now she wanted that moment would never end. She wanted to be Stoffes forever.
- Stoffe, you're my forever?
- Yes Marlene. Forever.

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