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Thread: Chemistry
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Chemical Symbol: Al
Atomic number: 13
Group: 3, the same as among others Lives
Electronic configuration: K = 2 L = 8 M = 3


is the metal that is most of the earth's crust, about 8-9% pure aluminum produced (mainly) from bauxite, which among other things occur in Vests Coffee and Sydamreika.

Sweden imports of aluminum from other countries because it is only found in small amounts in the Swedish rock. Usually you can import alumina which then, through electrolysis, processed into pure aluminum.

Sheet aluminum is very common material for roofs and facades of buildings, as it is a light and soft. Aluminum can also be rolled into thin aluminum foil, which is so often used in the household.

Aluminium is used in electrical transmission lines, because it is both easy, cheap and also a very good conductor of electricity.
Aluminum is also used for the manufacture of such vehicles, boats and aircraft, but for it to be strong and stable, it must be alloyed with other elements such as Copper and silicon. In addition, aluminum is known in beer and läskedrycks cans.

Since aluminum is an expensive metal to produce so try to at all eminently recycle it as much as possible by including the collection of empty beer cans and läskedrycks.

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