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Topic: Chemistry
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Name: Aluminum
Chemical Name: Al
Atomic number: 13
Appearance: Silver
Atomic Mass: 26.981538 u
Melting Point: 660,33º C
Boiling point: 2519º C


In ancient Greece used alum when they called it the alum, and potassium aluminum sulfate as astringent and as a binding agent in dyeing. 1807 gave the Englishman Davy element name aluminum despite not detected. Was isolated in 1827 by the German Wohler.


Aluminum is the metal that it is most of the crust, 8.3%. It is the third most abundant element in the crust, and then oxygen including the most common, but it never occurs in pure form but in different compounds, usually with oxygen and silicon. Examples of aluminum compounds are: boehmite, diaspore, gibbsite, bayerite, ruby, sapphire, feldspar, mica and ordinary clay.


Aluminium is produced from bauxite. Bauxite contains around 50 to 60% alumina and first be pure alumina produced in a chemical process. The alumina is dissolved and electrolyzed at high heat, also called smelting, in a special oven. The clean, melt the aluminum collects at the bottom of the electrolysis furnace and taken out. When aluminum is produced from aluminum scrap (t. Example. Beer cans), only 5% of the energy needed for the production of aluminum out of bauxite.


Aluminium is used for soda and beer because it does not rust, are lighter than steel and easier to recycle. It is also used for telescope mirrors, decorative paper, packaging, bikes and toys. If the aluminum is alloyed with small amounts of copper, magnesium, silicon, manganese and no more substances may be obtained alloys for aircraft and rockets. Now they even start using aluminum to cars to make them easier and not draw as much gasoline.


Aluminum is light and can be easily shaped and molded. It conducts heat and electricity well and corrodes almost not at all. Because it is easy, inexpensive and conducts electricity is used for electric power lines.


Aluminum is often considered as a non-corrosive metal, but it is wrong. Aluminum corrodes but forms pH 4 and 9, a passive oxide film that protects the material. Alloys corrode faster than pure aluminum and aluminum containing copper corrodes fastest. It manages to be in sulfuric acid, nitric acid and acetic acid, obtained either formed passive oxide film or acetates that insulate the aluminum from oxidizing agent.


Aluminum is not as harmless as they say. It damages the plant root hairs and therefore disturbs the plant water uptake. It can also harm humans, it is suspected that it may have damage to the nervous system and the brain of too much aluminum. It is said that one can get Alzheimer's, etc..

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