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Analysis of rogue websites on the web

Article Analysis Mirjana Krisanovic 9D Source: Skanska Dagbladet 7 novSammanfattning:
On November 5, it was a lecture at the Civic Hall in Eslöv, which was about "Truth and Consequence on the Internet". During this lecture attended four classes from Sallerup School in Eslöv. In recent times, several hundred students in Eslöv received information about Internet safety by Ulf Silling, who has extensive experience in the IT field.
Some lectures have also turned to adults.

More children and young people use computers and the Internet daily. Sooner utilized more example of library services, to find data and facts, but developments in IT have gone very quickly. Today, many believe that it is much more convenient and easier to search for facts on the Internet, when you know that the possibility exists. It may be easier typing words on the Internet than to read many books, but received no reply. On the Internet, almost anyone can add text, images and much more, therefore, one must be careful and do not trust everything you read on the web. One should always be critical! Even small children have started to use computers and access the Internet. I do not think one can forbid them to surf the net, but parents should keep an eye on what websites your kids visit. Often, children today own room and own computers, this means it will be harder for parents to control their habits on your computer. Sometimes you can accidentally come into websites, which may be unsuitable and then it can be a pain to dare to tell the parents. On the Internet there are also unscrupulous people who try to fool people in different ways. There have been various chat sites that people have children to undress in front of the webcam, cheated them out on dates and then raped them or cheated them out of money, extortion and the like. Although drug and Spirits sales to minors are present. It is important, I think you're talking to their parents about something feels wrong, before it is too late. I have heard that police have full time staff, to gain access to these people and it is not always easy to find these people. I think this is a good way to work on. You can block certain websites and there are also programs that can help parents to look at what websites children / young people have mentioned. Boffning have become increasingly common and it involves inhaling nitrous oxide as from various spray cans, for example cream. An intoxication achieved by nitrous oxide and brain receives oxygen. It can be likened to fill after alcohol intake. In Sweden, the death occurred due to the so-called boffning which I think is terrible. But if you use the internet properly, it is an effective tool in school and can facilitate much I think. Through the Internet you can often "extra" things to read about, when looking at something - it gives knowledge. Of course, one finds not always immediately what you are looking for, but have to search long and hard. I think it is good that one can watch videos and join in on the entertainment pages.
I think that you should not chat with strangers, as they do not know for sure who they are or determine reunion with them. If you still would like to meet, so I think that you should not go to the venue itself. One can have the company of friends or meet in a public place where there are lots of people. Should you decide reunion in public places should be agreed with his parents when and where to get one. I mean for example if you go to a disco and your new acquaintance want to move to another place, nobody knows where you are or if something happens down the road if you do not notify anyone in advance.
My relative in Serbia got to know her husband through the network, so the network can be a beginning to new acquaintances, which means that all people are not evil!
If you have broadband like me, you can save money by having contact with their friends via email, MSN, Skype or chat. The less you talk on the phone, the less phone bill you get.

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  1. Malin on December 5, 2011 at 11:53 AM #

    Wow, wall of text.
    This was relatively good, but has a few things to comment on.
    1. paragraphing! Otherwise it will be too hard to read.
    2. What have boffning with rogue websites that do?

    Otherwise, good work!

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