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Topic: Society
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ANARCHISM - Without ruler

There are very many different directions within anarchism. Agorism, anarcho-syndicalism, Individual Anarchism, Social Anarchism, Anarcho-feminism, communalism, Christian anarchism, green anarchism are some of them. In this text you'll learn the foundations of anarchism.

333-264 f.kr lived Greek philosopher Zenon which can be considered as the first anarchist. He would like anarchists today that it would not be private property, government, money, temples, laws and police. So, then, anarchism is not a new idea among young people as many think.

Anarchism is a political tendency within socialism with a view to abolishing the state, capitalism and all other hierarchical and authoritarian structures in society. Anarchists are instead often focusing on local direct democracy which shall also apply across the economy. They also regard the parliamentary work as unable to achieve a classless society which is a basis for anarchism. With a classless society meant that no man shall have power over someone else. It also strives to create a society without a state because it is they who decide and enforce the laws. By doing so, they have power over the people, which no one should have. Many also believe that the state should remove because it oppresses people and will tax which is considered theft.

A so-called arkist, a supporter of the authority, power and property, then the total opposite of an anarchist.

Anakismen has never been a big movement in Sweden. The most important anarchist or organization is SAC (Swedish Workers Central Organization) which was formed in the 1920s. They originated in the Young Socialists, the original Socialist Youth League as they broke away and formed their own union.

There is no country that has this system of government. But in Russia and Spain, anarchism applied for short periods. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was conducted an anarchist revolution, but the result was not sustained.

I think anarchism basic idea that all people are good if they are free and will take responsibility is nice but not real. There is a state and laws that have been created for a society need it. If we could live without the supposed it to be really good but now it's not there.

One could have a certain anarchism e a country. The people could have more of a say, a kind of direct democracy and voting on matters that affect the common man. More than that, I do not think you can get into anarchism in a society without it becoming anarchy - chaos.

Unfortunately I can not answer questions 3 and 4 because it never really has been an anarchic country.

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