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House of the Spirits

Subject: Review , Swedish
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House of the Spirits is about Chile's development during the 1900s and about the people who lived and lived there. In the book, we follow Trueba family for a few decades and see how they lived and worked in Chile when I was a late developed country with much oppression and class differences. The protagonist or the person we follow at Esteban Trueba. A man with a great temperament and he is usually angry, sour or serious. He takes his family very seriously. Often become angry if something happens unusual, he tries to correct it in its own way as always is not the best. His wife Clara is clairvoyant and often absent in their own way. She speaks with spirits and track accidents and can move objects with the power of thought. She is kind, compassionate, and care deeply about their children, unlike her husband. She does not care so much about things, objects that her man will always have the most modern and finest. Esteban grew up in a poor family and maybe it's because he wants to surround himself with the nice things he could not get as a child. They are often looking at Esteban's farm Las Tres Marías with their children and servants. Esteban treats his workers on the farm badly as he has always done. After a while you get tired Esteban on everyday life and goes into politics, he becomes more and more engaged and when things are going badly for him, he lets it often go out of his wife, the servants and their children. He has a strong influ orientation and is against all that socialism stands for. In the elections won the Socialists and Esteban was cruelly pissed off and decided to participate in a military coup that would put the bourgeois again in parliament. But that was not what he had in mind. In the new government people cared not for the poor at all but disowned them and killed or tortured all socialists as they got hold of. Esteban understand now that he hate wrongdoing and try to help the poor jiggle and be nicer to their children.

I think that the book was good and well written. After a while, it was really into it and it was hard to put it in from themselves. Personpeskrivnigarna thought I was a good man förstog really what the characters in the book felt and thought.

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