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Subject: History
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The Art patron, as well siandets and light (which in Greek also can be translated as enlightenment) god. He was born on the island of Delos by Leto, a Titan's daughter, and his father was Zeus. The island came to be the most sacred of the islands in ancient Greece, and even today stands the ruins of many ancient temples there. His sister was the hunting goddess Artemis which is also protected young women. After he killed the huge serpent Python at Delphi in Parnassos mountains, came to the site dedicated to him. There, stood Omphalos navel of the world, according to the ancient Greeks, the center of the earth. His oracle which was visited by many people, both kings and commoners. They came to consult the Pythia, Apollo's priestess, about their future.

The Delphi was game to the honor of Apollo, originally every eight years, but later every four. The Pythean games was both athletic and musical competitions.

In many ways Apollo personified the ideal man of the ancient Greek criteria. He entertained the other gods by playing the lyre, and he was also a skilled archer and runner, and he was considered by some to be the first winner of the Olympic Games. He sheltered young men, and was jordbruksgud, as well as healers. He was also considered to be the most beautiful god.
There are many stories of Apollo as a man who is hopelessly in love, and the women who did not respond to his feelings punished him severely: Cassandra was cursed so that no one would believe her horrific visions of the future, Daphne became a tree to escape him, and he abandoned Princess Kreusa of Athens and their children.

Apollo also loved men. In the story of the young man Hyacintos Apollo accidentally kills his young lover with his discus, and he turned when he into a flower of the same name, but the god's sad lament AI AI on the leaves.

But Apollo was also the one who sent the plague. His anger punished the Greeks when he shot his arrows of plague into the Greek camp at Troy. As a healer, he taught men to be clean, and he is the god of medicine, Asclepius's father.

Apollo can be easily considered one of the most important gods in ancient Greek mythology. His sacred number was seven, and he
was linked to the calendar. He was also associated with the dolphin.

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