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The legacy of antiquity - 10 points, then and now

Topic: History
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* Theatre / Drama

Two new branches were developed mainly in antiquity - comedy and tragedy.
Even the choir had a central place in the development of the theater.
Furthermore got the scenography becoming increasingly important, this by the use of such masks and other props.
Today, the scenography a significant role in sets, in order to enhance the experience of the spectators.
Comedy is today one of the major genres, both in the theater and movie.

* Research

They began to think rather untie the example of religion.
Scientific theories were subjected to criticism, discussion and scrutiny in a way that has not previously been common, but today is a generally accepted practice in the West.

* Mathematics

A prominent mathematician Pythagoras, whose main formula used extensively today - the Pythagorean theorem.

* Democracy

The ancient Greeks were the first people who devoted themselves to us fairly obvious things as freedom of thought and freedom of expression.
However, no democracy in our modern sense of time when there was only free men aged 20 or over who got to be in decision-making.
Outside were women, slaves and immigrants - a division which persisted in the Western world well into the 1900s.

* Books

Literature three basic formulas - epic, lyric poetry and drama - arose in ancient times and still lives today.

Epik: Narrative Literature
A subcategory of epic, epic, used in antiquity.
Extend the narrative poems in blank verse, such as the Odyssey.


Short texts aiming to convey an image and a feeling, often a subjective one.
Examples of an antique poet is Sapfo.


Works intended for public performance. For example Antigone

* Philosophy

Socrates was one of ancient philosophers.
He warned and encouraged free thinking and the quest for knowledge, which could be seen as a revolt against the society of the future.
This was appreciated, however, by the governing older generation, who eventually had him executed.
Socrates ideas of free thinking and the importance of knowledge can be seen as a good start for future times philosophical values.

Further examples of contemporary philosophers Plato and Aristotle.

* Education

Plato and Aristotle, founded a higher education, schools that served as a model for contemporary universities. Plato called his system of the Academy, a concept which today is recognized.

* Medicine

Modern medicine has been the cradle of ancient Greece.
One of the more famous are Hippocrates, the physician who founded a medical school on the island of Kos.
There, students learn how to make diagnoses based on exercises and observations instead of merely theories.
Similarly, today's programs constructed.

* The role of women in society

Ancient Greece was a distinctly male society.
The woman was the life incapacitated, without voting rights and had no civil rights.
Her duty was to provide for the household and children.
Similar attitude to women has survived in our modern society; vote for women was introduced, for example, presence until 1921 in Sweden, and it took until the 1960s before the woman began in earnest to leave his role as housewife to look out on the male-dominated labor market.

Despite the harsh social climate that prevailed for the woman in ancient times, there were still those who
dared to stick their neck out.
One of these was the poet Sappho, who according to some interpretations mediated thoughts and feelings
and for women.

* Languages

Around the year 800 BC took the Greeks of the Phoenician alphabet, containing only consonants.
Alphabet then adapted by including increases of vowels.
It is this that is the basis for our modern alphabet, and consequently the ancient Greeks a great part of our modern culture!

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