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Topic: English , Geography
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Australia is the smallest continent in the world. But it is still the sixth Largest country. In Australia there live 19.2 million people. The indigenous people are called Aboriginals but there are very few left. Australia's national day is January 26th.


Canberra is the only city in the world that was built to be a capital. They Could not Decide If It Should be Sydney or Melbourne so They built a new city between the two other cities. Canberra HAS only 320 000 inhabitants.


Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. In Sydney there live 4 million people. In
Sydney there are a lot of beaches. The most famous beach is Bondi beach. Bondi
beach is 0.62 miles (1 km). The Opera House, Harbour Bridge, The Rocks and the
Sydney Aquarium lies in Sydney. When you swim outside Sydney You have to ask
careful Because there are many sharks in the water.

Animals in the water


There is about 25 crocodile species in the world. In Australia there live two kinds of crocodiles. Freshwater- and saltwater crocodiles.
The saltwater crocodile can ask about 10 feet and weigh about 1 tonnes.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is 2,010 kilometers big. The biggest party of the reef is over 2 million years old. But another part of the reef is 18 MILLION YEARS OLD! There is over 2,000 fish species, 400 different kinds of corals and 500 different kinds of seaweed. There are 6 kinds of sea turtles, whales and dolphins and 16 sea snake species.

Animals in the desert


When the English man came to Australia They saw a lot of strange animals That They never seen before. They asked the Aboriginals what the big, jumping animals where. The aboriginals Answered "Kangaroo '. Kangaroo Means I do not understand. Then the English one thought That the name of the animal was the kangaroo. There is 60
kangaroo species.
Every year over 2 million kangaroos get killed. The people use the meat to CAT and dog food. They use the machine for shoes.
The smallest kangaroo is the Wallabies. They are just 33.46 inches (85 cm).
The male kangaroo is called "boomer", the female kangaroo is called "Flyer" and the baby kangaroo is called "Joey".
When some kangaroos are born They can only weigh about 1 gram. The Joey is blind and has no hair. The Joey Usually Lives in the flyer Pouch for half a year.
The kangaroo eats plants.


In northern Australia there lives lots of termites. Termites are like ants. They have workers, soldiers, a queen and a king. But They are not related. The termites are blind and Their see-through bodies are very sensitive, They avoid the sun to every price.
The termites live in termite stack That They had built withtheir own poo.



The koala is one of the Strangest Animals In The World. The koala has 2 thumbs and three other fingers. The koala sleeps almost the whole day. It eats eucalyptus leaves. In the eucalyptus leaves, there is a substance That makes the koala tired. THAT'S WHY IT
sleeps so much. The koala Has a soft, gray or brown fur.


There is about 20 cockatoo species in Australia. The Cockatoo Has a small tuft on the top of its head. It's thwart yellow but it can be other colors too. The biggest cockatoo ice 31.50 in (80 cm). The cockatoo eats fruits, seeds and small insects. The cockatoo can definatley Several different colors. Some of them are black, white and soft pink.

Food, beer and wine

Australia does not have so much special dishes except for sausages, kangaroo steak, crocodile steak and meat pie. Most of the food in Australia is from other countries. For example China, Greece and Italy. In Australia the food is very fresh thwart.
Because They have many farms, They are close to the ocean and there are many places where it grows fruits and vegetables.

The national drink in Australia is beer. The most popular beer kinds are Foster,
Fourex, Swan and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Australia produces lots of wine. Some of the most famous wine farms are Hunter
Valley in New South Wales and the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

The Aboriginals

The first people in Australia are called Aboriginals. In Australia at the moment there are about 386 000 Aboriginals. They live in the poor parts of the cities and 30% are
without jobs. 15% are in jail and many are alcohol and drug abusers.
In the past the Aboriginals lived in small cottages, made of sticks and leaves. The
Women cooked and made clothes while the men hunted.
The Reason Why They painted Their bodies were That They Wanted to scare away the
evil spirits.

The school

In some parts of Australia, it can ask the 1000 km between the houses and then it is very
Difficult to go to school every day. So They have radio school. The teacher and the
pupils havetheir own radio That They talk to eachother out. Sometimes overpriced They write letters to eachother.

Famous places

The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings in the world. The building is covered by 1.056 million white tiles. The tiles are made in Ekeby in Sweden. The Opera House was completed in 1973. It cost 102 million Australian dollars (588 million USD) to build the building.
Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock is The Biggest found the rock in the world. It is 600 MILLION YEARS OLD!
The rock is 3.5 km long and 2 km thick. The aboriginals call it Uluru. Ayers Rock
belonged the Aboriginal people but the white English but took the rock and made it theirs. But in 2085 the Aboriginals are going to get it back.

The Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains is Australia's highest national park. On the winter it is a
popular ski resort and on the buzzer It is a perfect footpath. With rivers and

Hasting Caves

The Hasting Caves lies on the island Tasmania. In the caves there are many
stalactites and stalagmites.

Johanna Liedholm and Martina Brodin

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