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Ayla Part 2

Subject: Swedish
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Hey now I'm Ayla again. After my dream I had, I've decided that I'm going to Greece for real. I dusted off my time machine, it has been a while since I used it for real! I went in and sat on my stool and turned up the timer to 500 BC five seconds went by and it said "POFF" since I was in Greece. The landing did not go so well, I ended up beneath the mountain on a log, so I had to climb the mountain.
I knew where I was, so I went on to the place where I had met Emaria last time, on the stone. It was not as hot this time, and I had brought with me a short white linen skirt and a white top. I also knew that I would be premature to "hit" with Emaria, so I had brought with me a Coke bottle. Stupid as I was the day I took the course a plastic bottle! But I still drank up my coca-cola, and a little clever one can always be, I hid namely the bottle in a crevice. I just managed to put me before Emaria came and sat beside me. We talked about the exact same things as in a dream. I knew it would fit, I knew it was a dream come true, I thought to myself. So we started walking home (her words) and we chatted. I always knew what to say and I went and did not even listen to what she said to me. We came home to Emaria, I knew what her house looked like but I was still just as overwhelmed by the beautiful shiny marble floor. The dress I got from her and she put my hair up. Then I met Herakles and after that I went in the bathroom, when I was done, her parents were home. I was of course stay with them, and now will continue on what I have done in ancient Greece. One day when the family sat and ate lunch said Pyramus (Emarias dad) that we had to get a job. We received ten drachmas (coins) with us to buy food and drink for the day. We went to the city, but Emaria wanted to help at the docks and I inside the city so we parted. I was not completely in the city and there was still some houses out on the "countryside". And at one of them, one for large house, it was a man and a cart laden with food and drink. I said hello and he replied:
- Hey you, where are you going?
- I'm looking for a job, how so? I asked.
- No, I just wondered. said the man.
- Okay. I said.
- Want to help me to sell meat, fish, bread, olives and wine? he asked.
- Yes please, where to sell it? I wondered.
- Within the city of Agora. he said.
- OK, let's go. I said.
We started to pull the wagon into town, we were talking and I learned that he was called Icarus. We walked past the stone that I had met Emaria on, and precipice where I had hidden my coca-cola bottle. I went back and wanted to show Icarus it but when I got there I saw that it was gone! I was scared, what if someone had seen that I put it there ..? I thought about it and decided that I probably had not seen a guy there all right before I put it there.
- Will you Kat Arina? asked Ikaros.
- Oh yes, I ... er ... just checked the fine flowers over here ... just that yes. I said
- Okay. he said.
We went on, my lie was not the best but it would have to do! I like it here in Greece, the environment, animals, people, yes everything!
We came to the square and found a good spot at once. It went out fast but when we had stood there for half an hour, another man, he seemed mad at us. Then he started whining at us that it was his place.
- Now you listen to me, I've been standing here for ten consecutive years and the two of you should not mess it up!
- No, we came here first we move not! said Icarus.
- Yeah but like I said I've been here for ten years and you two should not have to change that now! the man said angrily.
- Too bad you did not come earlier, but I'm not going to move on us. And besides, you can still not expect that you will be here in ten years, the competition gets harder the more time passes. Icarus said firmly.
The man gave up and walked away, he muttered something about everyone was against him today, even his own fruit had started to go bad.
- You want to come and see a slave action? asked Ikaros.
- Yes, or maybe by the way ... I said a little uncertainly.
- We can go whenever you feel like it! said Icarus.
- OK, let's go. I said.
He is so kind Icarus I think.
We went for a little while and came to a large market that just would start, it looked like a scene with a fat man on shouting out the slave after slave. I was a little surprised that Ikaros bought so many slaves. He bought three. Two men, one of which was called Jolaus and the other Solaus, they were probably brothers because they were so similar. He even bought a woman named Demeter. Ikaros ordered the two men to pull the cart and the woman would give Icarus company.
- I should probably go home now Icarus, it's getting late, I will get no pay today? I asked.
- Yes, you get five drachmas for each day that you will help me. said Icarus.
- Thank you. Goodbye. I said
- Bye. said Icarus and gave me my salary. Did you know that the two images on the sides represents "Pallas Athena" and her symbol of an owl.
- No, but I wonder who makes them, the coins that is. I wondered.
- Well, you see there's a rich king, he named "King Croesus" and he melts iron and molds it into circles. Then he adds the circle between two press goodies and press images. said Icarus.
- All right, I know it.
- Bye. said Icarus.
- Bye! I said and walked home.
I had fifteen drachmas in my pocket and I was so hungry that I went and bought some bread, fish and water. I ate it on the way home and met Emaria. I shared with me And she told me she had to help unload the boxes of food and weapons on a large ship. She had received three drachmas for it. Then we went into the house and ate real dinner. After we told myths for each other. Then we went to bed. I dreamed this time that I met a guy who had a plastic bottle, my seat bottle!

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