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The bacterial content of ProViva Shot

Topic: Biology , Research
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Objective: To investigate whether the bacterial content of lactic acid bacteria in ProViva Shot consistent with the table of contents of the package specified
(250 000 000 bacteria / ml) Material: Proviva Shot
1 sterile 10 ml graduated pipette
6 sterile 1 mL graduated pipette
1 pc sterile 250 ml conical flask
5 pieces sterile test tube
spirit burner
5 pc sterile agar plates (Rogosa Agar)
1 piece plastic bag
1 pc sterile Pasteur pipette.
Ethanol, 70%
Sodium chloride solution, 0.9%

Theory: If you place the lactic acid bacteria on agar plates, which is the right environment for them to thrive in, in a temperature of 308-313 K bacteria multiply exponentially. Around the individual bacteria formed colonies that man with the eye can count.

Design: Dilution:

1.0 ml ProViva Shot measured by pipette (1 ml) and the sample was transferred to the flask where it was diluted with 99.0 ml of sodium chloride as measured by pipette (10 ml). The solution in the flask was agitated by means of spin.

The five test tubes were marked 1-5 and filled each with 9.0 ml of sodium chloride. From e-piston was 1.0 ml solution by pipette (1 ml) was added to the test tube marked 1. snaps on the test tube contents were mixed.
Thereafter, 1.0 ml of test tubes # 1 and transferred to tubes # 2 with new sterile pipette (1 mL). Although the contents of this test tube was mixed by buttoning. The same procedure was repeated until all tubes filled.


The five agar plates were marked 1-5. Spreader burned by by first dipped in ethanol. Two drops (about 0.1 ml) from 5 test tubes were transferred to agar plate with pasteurpipetten 5 and smeared across the plate with a spreader, which then re-burned off and the procedure was carried out for the plate 4, 3, 2, 1 Bedrooms.
The plates were taped back after they were allowed to dry in a few minutes. They were then placed in a heating furnace (310 K).


After a week, the agar plates were taken out from the oven and bacterial colonies that arose were counted in the plates where this was possible. Using a color pencil marked each colony after the noted.

Measurement results: agar plate number 3 consisted of 272 pcs bacterial colonies.

Treatment of
Measurement results: E-piston concentration of the drink was 0.01 ml per ml of sodium chloride. The solution was then diluted by a factor of 10 for each test tube.

(Ml beverage) / (mL solution)

Test tube 1: 0,001
Test tube 2: 0.0001
Test tube 3: 0.00001
Test tube 4: 0.000001
Test tubes 5: 0.0000001

Agar plate # 3 was initially 272 bacteria which came from 0.1 ml of solution from tube 3. The test tube numbers 3, there was thus 272 / 0.1 = 2720 bacteria / ml.

2720 ​​/ 0.00001 = 272 000 000 bacteria / ml

Results: The concentration of bacteria in ProViva Shot sued broadly consistent with the table of contents declared.

Feldiskussion: The contamination may have affected the outcome when the work was not completely sterile. Though the agar plates were especially made to get lactic acid bacteria to thrive so it can not be the cause of larger margins of error.

Two drops were set at 0.1 ml and this need not necessarily be exactly right.

The mixing of the sample tubes are probably the largest source of error then this probably was not sufficient.

Spreader used in the smears of bacteria may have been partially heated and therefore killed off certain bacteria.

The reading and counting of bacteria may have been slightly inaccurate when it was difficult to see some colonies that were hopvuxna with each other.

The lab was performed only once. Had the experiment been done several times, a more precise value to be achieved.

Conclusion: The specified levels of bacteria in the table of contents match probably with the real number of bacteria. That the result was not in complete agreement is probably due to confounding factors.

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One Response to "The bacterial content of ProViva Shot"

  1. Anna Eriksdotter on April 18, 2008 at 7:12 pm #


    Have a long time enjoyed ProViva fruit drink, and then I saw ProViva Shot bought

    I immediately a couple förackningar.När I studied content and nutritional value, I became curious

    what separated the two products are different. Any concentration difference of Lacto.pl. 299v

    is not specified, and that's what would be interesting to know.

    There is certainly a difference, but why not declare it?

    Please explain to a curious consumer of the wonderfully delicious fruit drink.

    Best regards from Anna

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