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Childhood memories

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Oskar's memories began to be brought back to life. For every minute that went got glimpses of his childhood on the farm back. Sara chose to sit in the back seat and lean against the sun, was still asleep. Their journey felt like a lifetime because of their longing for home. Both she and Oskar traveled from New York and all the fights and quarrels since they broke up was now forgotten. They were just happy that they both had happy careers, they finally were together and that they would again reconciled with her mother. Sara was about to have her second child was most happy to share their stories with the mother. But agriculture was now foreign to Sara. Her habits were now waking up to 26th Avenue in Brooklyn and the smell of exhaust and fresh-baked bagels in the streets. Then she would take the metro, two stops from there. But she was not happy with the taxi. For quiet and still she thought. Oskar is the older brother, lived on the other side of Governors Island. Stayed several mil from Sara. Therefore, it only met them during special occasions. Oscar loved city life and he had done anything to preserve everything as it was. Sara, however that was finished with his studies at the university, had other plans ahead. She had many contacts back in the countryside as far as she can remember. She would like to live simple and have a home anywhere close to his mother. When Sara woke up, she could hear Oskar who listened to old dance classics which he had saved from his adolescence. Sara asked Oskar to turn down the volume after Sara had still not been cleared to. But she could now smell the manure and Nyblom made dandelions and they had now passed the old playground them so long time had spent on. They were now close. Oskar started suddenly stop humming. He pursed his eyes directly on the road. Sara got up to see what happened. Further along came a car farandes with a wild speed.
- Oddly, said Oskar. They drove your path that did not lead anywhere but to derashem. Though it was not the mother who drove past. Oskar tried to get a glimpse of the driver who was behind the strange car. But when the car drove past as well as the driver hid his face with his hand.
- Who could it have been, thought Sarah. Mother used almost never visit. Not that she did not like guests, but she had always difficult to get around to different places because of his crutches. Sara and Oscar arrived now to the old farm and both lit up with joy. They had been gone for so long now. Most of it was the same, but there were also things they barely knew. Sara and Oscar took time to remember back and then tried to collect himself again. It had been five years. The first thing that Oskar noticed was that all the cows were gone. Mother had probably sold them, butchered them or they had cows simply died out because of the damaged grass. They had thrown everything on the field. A sofa, two outdoor chairs of plastic and several dozen tires. On not talking about a lot of toxic waste on the field as they did not know existed. The scent of pollen and dandelions were hidden now by the stench of waste and toxic sörjor. It had become a rubbish dump were they thinking. But who was Sara's eyes awake, it was the light at the hall was on. Not only that.
- Oscar, Sara screamed. The door's open. Oscar drew his eyes directly on the door and then became aware of the way. There were burn marks from a car.
- It must be the car that passed us, 'said Sara. Oskar walked slowly toward the door wide open. Sara was close behind Oskar, was afraid that something might have happened. It was completely silent when they went into the hall. Sara and Oscar walked slowly into the living room. They stood perfectly still. They were filled with fear and amazement. There, Mother smiled. Covered in blood that has just had Blitt spilled. From the head to the body so there were traces of deep knife wounds and torn clothes. Sara sank like a stone to the ground. Oskar tried with his love for his mother to call for an answer. But nothing was heard. It was too late. She died, died, murdered more accurately. And Oskar filled with tears until he called for help until it finally came.

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