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The story of Sidharta Gautama

Subject: Religion
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2500 years ago in Varanasi was born a king's son and parents immediately understood that there was something special about him so they called there a soothsayer who said that his son would either become a great religious leader, or if he did not see old age, suffering and death, he would become a powerful king.
His father wanted him to become king so he built three palaces to son and kept him trapped because he would not see old age, suffering and death.
When he was nineteen he married Yasudara and they had a son named Rahula.
One day as he normally carried around through the city in his palanquin, he accidentally see an old man, a leper and a funeral entourage.
He begins to ponder and decide to become a hermit, he fasts, but realizes that he can not achieve anything with it.
He reads the Upanishads, the sacred Hindu scriptures, but achieves nothing with it.
Then he sits down under a fig tree and start meditating, the demon Mara exposes Sidharta for torrential rain, hurricanes, and tempts him with women, but he continues to meditate for 49 days when he reaches enlightenment and becomes the Buddha (the enlightened).
In 45 years he stays on earth and goes around preaching.
He teaches "Middle Path" not to be extreme in any direction.
According to myth, he dies of poisonous mushrooms 80 year old

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