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Big Bang

Topic: Society
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Big Bang is the name of the theory of how the universe was created.

It is still very unclear about how the universe came into being. It is, however, pretty sure it happened for about 10 - 15 million years ago. Unfortunately, the theory shortcomings because it has found stars that are much older than that.
Some people believe that there was a big bang (hence the name) that started it all. The theory assumes that the universe was very dense and hot (about 1032 Kelvin) from the beginning and then developed into today's universe. It's actually a pretty good theory as this may explain the so-called background radiation in space, and the fact that there is actually a temperature in space (3 Kelvin).
Others believe that it has always looked as it does today.
Personally, I believe most on the theory of blast because everything must have formed from nothing. The only question is how such a blow could take place, and what caused it.
The universe is expanding (multiply) day by day. Since it is growing day by day, it needs to not at all have been a bang or explosion in the beginning. If so, then there would have been a just a small black hole from the beginning which then has expanded itself into the universe as we know it today, I think anyway.
Thus, it would be on the withered, the whole space just the way big black hole.

What existed before the Big Bang?

Sorry, you always come back to the same old question: It must have started with something and where did it and what formed it in that case?
There are many theories, some of them I have already written part, I ignored in.
The most likely is that of a large compact and hot blob that has since expanded itself. But the face of the problem because it (as previously stated) are stars that are significantly older than 15 billion years. Of course, you might have done something wrong in the measured estimates of the stars, but it is unlikely.

How did our planets and our solar system?

Another difficult question that has never been able to answer with certainty yet. It is believed that galaxies began to form about 700,000 years after the big bang, and that our solar system was formed about 1 billion (100 million) years after the universe had begun their expansion.
How do the planets in our solar system has been formed, we have not any answer.

What happens to our universe in the future?

Continues only grow and grow indefinitely? Yes, some think it's just getting bigger and bigger and that it will never end.
Then there are those who believe that the universe is shaped like two triangles that have been laid against each other and it grows and grows until you have something middle of it when it starts to shrink back at the same rate as the previously expanded in.
I think the space is shaped in a circle, and it began to grow from a small black hole in the middle and it then grows outward in one big circle. Then, sometime much later in time, something unexpected to happen and the whole thing explodes (or something similar) because of instability among the stars, planets, galaxies and anything that we have not yet discovered.

I myself do not care quite a lot of what happens and hope that I can die long before the universe shrinks back, explode or what will happen to it in the future. I am glad that I live in the present and do not intend to educate myself to any physicist or similar and try to crack the mystery. I'd rather live in the world we have today.

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