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Big Ben

Topic: Society
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Big Ben ranking for the first time in 1859 and Big Ben is not the namesake of the famous London Clock
as many people think.
It is in fact the namesake of the 13-ton bell named after Sir Benjamin Hall. Anad Sir Benjamin Hall was called Big Ben and Which Can Be found inside the clock.
Big Ben weighs about 14 tons and it is mere 320 feet high with the clock faces being 23 feet wide. And the minute hands are 14 feet long. .
The Clock Tower Reaches a height of no less than 96 meters.
The mechanism of ice weighs about 4.5 tons and Until 1913 the clock was pulled by hand.
But now there is an electric motor Which pull Big Ben.After every hour a melody comes out from the clock and After That the clock is called the Time.
And We Can hear it ring on the radio in England.
Big Ben is like a symbol of Britain.

The Bell Can Be Found in St. Stephen's Tower Which is in the Houses of Parliament.
The Bell is not very old compared to the Houses of Parliament.
When Parliament is in a session after dark a light shines from the top of St. Stephen's Tower.
The bell was completed Year in 1859 and was the Largest bell in the United Kingdom.

That is two theories about how Big Ben got the name Big Ben.
The first Is that The House of Commins had a seseion and attempt to come up a name to the big clock "house". It was late and every one was tired When suddenly one member shouted "Way Note Big Ben?" It was the name of the unknown Sir Benjamin Hall.
The Other theories Is that the clock is named after the big and alloy boxer Benjamin Caunt .. The clock itself was Designed by EB Denison & EJ Dent and was completed in 1858

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