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Biological Diversity

Biological diversity means that there are different species and different numbers of each species. Together, all species of a biological diversity. It is important for us to preserve all plants and animals, to remove a right species is not known what happens. But the whole food chain will be affected by this and other species would disappear. Other reasons to conserve biodiversity is that some plants in the future may be useful as medicines and nature to look like it has always done. In the past, you are not as keen to preserve biodiversity. It was only in 1992 that the UN decided that all countries would protect biodiversity. In poor parts of the world such as Africa and South America are worst at preserving biodiversity. Because people are cutting down rainforests just to make money on it because it disappears several species every day. Sweden also cut down the forest, and has a large paper industry, but the Swedish Parliament has decided that the protection of biodiversity. An example of this is when building roads, you are obliged to find out that no species are threatened in the long run if you build a road right there. Is there a risk that you put the road in another place a little further away.

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