Lightning and thunder

Topic: Physics
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Problems = a, b = answers and solutions = c,
from projektstoryn1a. The colors blended quite strange, he thinks that one can mix a blue and a yellow filter in the lamp so that it becomes green.

1b. It is a green filter, you should not mix different kinds of filters.
1c. Add multiple filters of different colors of lights.
2a. "If it is lit with a blue and a yellow lamp in the same place, it should of course be green?!"
2b. You need to have a green lamp, not two.
2c. Buy multiple lamps.

3a. "It was not better with fog machines, either, when I turned on the light was just like rag ..."

3b. Light is reflected away due to water droplets, which consists of the smoke.
3c. Either to remove smoke or buy a / multiple lights such as laser light.
4a. "Instead of pumping bass lines and heavy beats as well as the only sang and growled in a single batter and disc jockey complained that it was not possible to record vinyl to pick just bounced as soon as he pulled up the volume. Not that I know what he would with vinyl records when there is a CD! It was well-scratches in discs, I said. Could not believe it, he said. Not before the pick-up bounced into pieces.

4b. It is because they do not have any acoustic tiles on the walls or that the speakers were misplaced in the room.

4c. Buy a few acoustic tiles that have on the walls and make sure your speakers are positioned correctly in the room before the performance.

5a. Drummer played in baktakt even though he wound his arms in pace.

5b. It is because sound is slower than light.
5c. Make sure the sound is coming more quickly through the speakers with the help of electrical wires connected to it. Tell the drummer that he may have a bit more patience.

6a. The guitar sounded like an angry swarm of bees.
6b. It was too dark tones on the guitar.
6c. Tuning your guitar - the strings tighten clockwise.
7a. Bass sounded curiously far as the dance floor - instead of a thickly åskmuller so it sounded almost nothing.
7b. It was too bright tones on the base.
7c. Meeting base - loosen the strings counterclockwise.
8a. The singer sounded even more than the base, but it was not singing that was heard. As soon as he opened his mouth came a piercing shriek that sounded like a thousand whistles.
8b. They had placed the speaker too close to the singer and the microphone so that there was feedback, a howl that occur when you have the microphone near the speaker or vice versa.
8c. Place the speakers away from the microphone and make sure that the singer with microphone does not get too close to any of the speakers during the performance.

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