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Topic: Music
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Blues is the black music. It came to America when Americans needed slaves. When slavery was abolished, they stood still black outside white society. They developed their own culture that was based on African music traditions that have survived for generations.

Blues history

The African peoples had no written language. They taught through oral tradition. This means that the older teach the younger by retell everything that their parents once told them. You remember and learn better, when singing or dancing. It is taught through songs, games and dancing. These music ceremonies were African children's school. The song was performed often as antiphonal: A soloist improvised (found in) a suitable text, the other repeatedly. When Westerners came and took slaves in Africa followed this culture. 1865 when slavery ended, they were free black people with full civic rights, but only on paper. Reality came to look quite different. They were prevented everywhere. You paid less for their goods and to set up rules, which made it impossible for the blacks to create acceptable living conditions. The black stood outside the white society and developed their own culture that was based on African music traditions that have survived for generations. In the 20th century came the radio and then spread the blues of America. It traveled around with microphones and recorded musicians in place. Some people got to make records, which were sold in large editions. Blue singers got themselves almost no pay.

Instruments / Text

The main instruments of the blues is the harmonica and guitar. The harmonica was a small inexpensive instrument that can afford and blues singer sang a duet with his harmonica. First he sang a line and then he played it on his harmonica. Eventually, you could even buy guitars mail order. There were kits that you could assemble yourself. Then you could accompany the singing.

The lyrics of the blues is not about big subjects but it is about how the singer feels in different situations, it is personal. It is about what was and what was happening around them and how they felt at that moment. But all the blues was not sad, blues often about love and to be happy. Each verse was composed of three lines: the first line repeated, while figured out the third, as you also tried to get to rhyme the first.

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