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The most common forms of Accommodation:

• rental apartment

• condominium

• own house

Rental Apartment

Rental Apartment means paying an agreed rent in advance each month. By the landlord, in consultation with the tenants' association, the size of the rent. Apartment building owned by private or municipal housing companies.


When purchasing a dwelling by paying cash to become a member of a condominium association, and they also pay a rent every month.

Own house

When you buy a private house also pays a cash contribution as one does when buying condominium. 'Rent' consists of amortization * and interest rates on loans, cost of electricity, water, garbage collection, repair and maintenance of the house.

* = Amortization repayment of loans in installments.

Rent Tribunal

In each county, there is a rent tribunal, where you charge can turn if you are in disagreement with the landlord;

• To change your apartment to another

• you want to rent your apartment in the secondary

• you receive notice from your apartment

• You think that the rent is too high.


You have the right to get a written contract when you rent an apartment. The contract should state how much the rent is and what is included in the (heat, electricity, etc.). The length of notice shall also state (normals 3 months).

If you are under 18, parents must account for the lease or write a special liability to the landlord.

One thing to keep in mind is to always save receipts for rents paid!

Before moving in

Some important things to consider before you move in:

• Require that the apartment is inspected (checked) before moving into.

• Requesting records of inspection, so you will not have to pay for damages that already existed when you moved into.

• Check that the apartment has smoke alarms, if it has no purchase - a! - It is the cheapest life insurance you can get yourself.

• Contact your insurance company and take out a home insurance, this insurance is very important if one were to have the misfortune of an accident occurs.


If you break the lease rules can be dismissed from his apartment, which you probably do not want, so it should be considered that do not.

Four key rental rules:

• Always pay your rent on time. If you pay it late, it is reason enough for you to be laid off.

• Follow school rules. You get such do not play music so loud that the neighbors are disturbed, or have disruptive pets.

• Take care of your residence. Of course you may not destroy your property, or anything else in the neighborhood.

• Never Rent out your apartment in the alternative without the permission of the landlord.

Repair and Maintenance

What does one do with his apartment without permission from the landlord?

You get:

• Painting

• wallpapering

• Adding carpeting

For other major repairs, you must have the landlord's permission.

You can have the apartment painted and papered if it is not restored in the last 10-12 years.

Errors leaky faucets, roaring WC etc. - should the landlord to repair immediately.


You may not rent the apartment in the alternative without further notice. Without the landlord's permission, never to rent your apartment, because then you could lose your tenancy. Should you need such work or study in another location for some time, so can the landlord usually with the sublease. Rent rooms to "inherent" get in anyway do without permission from the landlord. You should never leave the rental payment to "your" tenant, as it always is you who is responsible for the rent due. It is better that you make the payment yourself. Write 'contract' with your other hand tenant.

Find out if the landlord has given his permission to lease if you are going to hire secondary.

Change of Address

Does change of address by calling Address.

The change of address are forwarded to:

• Tax Administration

• General Insurance Fund

• Children's Centres

• Central car and driving license registers


• Civil Defence

• National Personal - and Address - SPAR

• Conscription Agency

Home insurance

You should immediately get a home insurance when you move to a home of their own. For youngsters, most insurance companies special deals on home insurance. When including burglary, bicycle theft, and fire in your home insurance policy provides financial support. It also includes a liability regime that applies if you have caused damage to someone else's property. The rule is included so the right protection (a lawyer) and assault protection. A travel insurance is included too often.

Various forms of borrowing to accommodations

Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment means paying afterwards to get the product or service performed. To borrow from bank or

get credit cards must be of legal age (18 years) and have some income.

Frequently credit card forms are:

• Loans from a bank or finance company

• Credit

• Member Loans

What type of credit you should choose depends on:

• How much you need to borrow

• How quickly you can repay

Bank loans

Male differ on secured loans and unsecured loans. Security can be eg property, condominium or bail. The mortgage is an example of a secured loan is a loan secured on a property or condominium. Borgen mean that someone else agrees to pay instead of you if you can not repay as agreed. Unsecured loans often have higher interest rates and higher amortization (payback) than secured loans. It is a big responsibility and it can be expensive to go in the castle.

Member Loans

A member loans, everyone who is a union get. A common bank loans have higher interest rate than a membership loans. It is the union and the bank as agreed until this loan.

Save before you move

It may be wise to save before you move. Stocks and bonds are two ways you can save on.


Stocks are shares in a corporation, which means that you are part owner of a company. However, there are certain risks associated with stock market investments. If the company were to go bad so, the value of the shares, and it would go well and you raise the value.

Stocks you can buy or sell through a bank, broker or via the internet. You can also save in mutual funds. The risk here is that a mutual fund containing stocks from many different companies. Company gives a portion of its profits to share once a year.


Bonds, including State out. The interest raffled among those who own the bonds. The bonds can usually be redeemed after 5-10 years with the so-called par (a stamped value). As their bonds buy and sell it in a bank, they are given out by the various housing institutions.

I think it is smarter to save the bond because it is safer, then you have an interest. It might be good to share savings with, but then you can lose money so it is not as secure.

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