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Subject: English , Reviews
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I've read this book: In the hand of the goddess.
It is the second book in a quartet called the Song of the Lioness.
The author is Tamora Pierce who has written Numerous fantasy series for teenagers.
I chose this book because i am a big fan of Tamoras books and I have not read any of them in English.
This book is actually mine: I tried to find it in English but could not.
I was Determined to have a full series so I bought it.

The story takes place in a middle age realm called Tortall.
The main person is Allana of Trebond disguised as a boy called Alan.
She has lived on court since she was eleven, now she's sixteen.
This copper haired girl with violet eyes is very rare since her dream is to've become a female knight and hero.
She's just've become the squire to her very good friend the prince Jonathan.
Her duty is to protect him.
But Their relationship will developement to something more During the book.
Jonathan had just found out Allana's secret in an embarrassing way When this book begins.

As in every fantasy book it's a fight between good and evil.
In this one we have the prince's cousin, a skilled, handsome, beloved sorcerer named Duke Roger of Conté.
Since Allana first saw him she knew she did not like him.
And after a few incidents more après Those Who happened is the first book her suspicions for treason against the crown are strong.
Allana is sure of it all When Roger even tries to kill her.
But her problem is how to gain evidence of Rogers treachery.
No one would believe her if she told them and she would be in great danger if something went wrong Because Roger is a mighty man.
And no one has ever been thinking That if any of the royalties died it would be Roger who would be the closest heir.
Guided by a mysterious cat and a glowing least late from the goddess herself she will be lead into the moment When She challenges Roger.

Other people Involved are the thief George who as always supported Allana, her teacher Myles who's like a father to her and her friend knights of course.
This book has a little of everything, friendship, romance, humor, battles and action and a complicated plot.
You're almost seeing everything from Allana's point of view.
It's a lot of dialogue in it, and there are many various kinds of them too.
The setting in the story ice camps out in the wilderness or at court.
There are not many descriptions of the environment Which I think is good.

Women can and follow your dreams, are the messages in the book. That's what Allana does.

The title of this book is kind of weird, Because The goddess only visits Allana once and then it's not much more about that.

As a fantasy book it works for any age.
Of course you can see differences between adult fantasy and children's fantasy, especially on the plot and the much more descriptions and people Involved in the adult's fantasy.
In some cases that just makes adult fantasy very boring and outdrawn.
In the first book Allana is just 11 years old and in the last she's 20.
So she changes a lot just like everyone does When they grow up.
When Allanna grows older more mature feelings and thoughts comes up, And when That happens, it's not really much a children's book anymore.

Five series including "Song of the Lioness" are taking place in Tortall, before and after Allana's time.
The Immortals for example has've become pretty big, we have them in the library at school.
Sometimes I can think That These books should've been longer and more complex.
A good book for me is When you are so emotionally Involved in it That you believe you're the person in the book and When You can related to them and feel with them.
This book got that and I find it very amusing.

Isabella Selin Norén

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