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Book Review - A flower in the African desert

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This story is based on a true story ...

It is about a 12 year old Somali girl named Waris. Waris lived with his parents and siblings, it was a great nomadic family that lived in the desert. Everyone in the family had its own chore to attend to, Waris herded goats and took care of the animals.

One day, Waris's father that she would be married off to a man, the man who asked for her hand was threescore years older than her. It did not take long before she decided to escape from the marriage. Waris told her mother that she planned to escape. The mother woke her in the middle of the night in the pitch black darkness. The mother said goodbye, but before Waris went, she said: "Waris one more thing, do not forget me now."

"That I will not do."

They hugged each other one last time, and Waris disappeared out into the pitch-black darkness.

Waris was on her way to her aunt in the city of Mogadishu. On the way there, she was nearly raped by two men as she hitchhiked with. Despite what happened, she had no other choice but to hitchhike back. Luckily, this person does not like them two men first. Waris who had been living with his aunt had to move from there, they could not afford to keep her any longer. She went from family to family and worked with them. Waris, now lived with her second aunt and worked there.

One day an uncle to her aunt's house, he was looking for a good lady who could work at his home. Waris saw his chance to leave the country and took the job. She accompanied him to London to start a new life.

"Our large family was typical of Somalia, where the average woman gives birth to seven children. Looking at children as a future age pension because they will take care of the parents when it gets old.

The book is set in the scorching African desert where Waris and her family live. After escaping from Africa unfolds itself in London where she starts a new life.

Waris personality is beautiful and strong. She had an incredible development when she was young. From a girl who always cried and was afraid, for an adult woman is now the top model.

I think the message is that you should never give up. Fight for something you want to be, do not just sit at home and think that everything will go well, fight.

The way the author writes about is quite easy, but sometimes it contains difficult words. She does not use long sentences with difficult words, but she uses the normal long sentences with easier words. There are no pictures in the book, but you can see everything in front of him, as if one were in the book.

AG have read many other books that are reality-based, such as truncated. But this book "A Flower in the Desert of Africa" ​​are better with language and message. In the book "Truncated" so one can follow with a young girl who was mutilated at 7 years of age. She was married off to a relative who is abusing her both mentally and physically. He puts constant rapes, she becomes pregnant several times. But she manages to escape in the end.

I think that book that I'm writing about is much better, because it contains more messages that can be understood more easily. It has lighter sentences, it is easier to imagine what happens in the book.

In this book, you know that the woman is not worth anything, I think it's insane! It is not only in Africa that it is so. In all countries it is so depressing woman, treats her like crap, ignore her opinion. The woman is like dust in the men's eyes, it is completely wrong in my opinion. I do not think that society cares about this, if they did that, it would already have been fixed!

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  1. Rebecca on May 30, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Believe me, the society tries. Look at Sweden today - and try to imagine what it was 100 years ago in Sweden. :)

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