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Book Review - Across the nightingale floor

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I have read a book called "Over nektergalens floor" which is written by Lian Hearn. The translator units Carla Wiberg.

The action takes place in a fictional medieval. The environment reflects Japan's nature and culture.

The protagonist Takeo was 15 years old when his peaceful mountain village was attacked by samurai. He was rescued by an alien warlord and was the only survivor from the village. Warlord took home the boy and wanted to adopt him. The requirement of the clan was to warlord (Shigeru) would marry a young girl. Takeo was told that he was the son of a professional assassin, and that he belonged to the "genus" which is like ninjas. Takeo got very good hearing and other supernatural qualities. He trained as an assassin. Shigeru schemed to reduce the cruel Iida. Takeo was instructed to kill this evil man and he saw his chance to get revenge on the clan that killed his family. Iida had a singing floor so no one would be able to surprise him or kill him in his sleep. But Takeo found a way to sneak over this particular floor. Everyone seemed to have secrets and their own goals in life. Takeo fell in love with his master's young woman. She was named Kaede and had been hostages. She was also in love with him.

The book was easy to read but just this simplicity was a flaw in the story. The book addresses the young people, not to the children. The author forgot to describe their character's appearance. The story was too shallow and pale for my taste. The story felt black and white. The characters were interesting and complemented each other. The book was good but it could have been better. The author did not describe the nature as well as to give a clear picture in your head. According to me, this story could just as well have been a historical novel rather than a fantasy book. Some are fictional, but some think that is true. Half the book was written in the "I" shape, and the other half in the "third person". It was a bit strange but it did not bother me. I felt bad for Takeo when he was struck dumb by the shock (at the beginning of the book), when his entire family was murdered. I recognized myself in some situations with Kaede. Some chapters were a bit boring and overly long. I think the author's message of the book is that you should trust yourself. If you like books about samurais, I recommend this book. But if you are sensitive you should probably not read it, for it is fierce in a rather bloody fashion. Some scenes were almost brutal. Was it a coincidence that Shigeru was so far into enemy territory, when he saved Takeo? When I started reading the book I got the impression that Takeo was a quiet and mischievous boy in his teens. Later he became sullen and thought a lot about life. It was actually a little odd that he suddenly got an interest to fight for their workouts. He did enough to make his dead father proud and live up to all the expectations his master had of him. Kaede was smart when she refused to put on the mask as protection when she would fight Takeo. Then she tested if he cared if he hurt her. Some opinions that Kaede had, I kept on with the while, I realized others. It was a bit surreal to Takeo learned so quickly, but this was a fantasy book. Moreover, he had supernatural powers which was cool. Some replicas can be misread if one does not understand the plot from the beginning. I mean, Kaede asked often by a man who saved her. Then one can get the impression that she was interested in him and not by Takeo. That said the book was unusually concentrated on the main things in the plot. They understood at least the context. I do not think the book was bad but it was a bit far-fetched at times. I mean not that I'm unsympathetic to the story, for some of them was exciting. Some events went too fast and I think that if the author has written more about the scene as it would have been better. The reader's curious why the main characters do what they do. The book was about loyalty, love, revenge, war and power.

The author was born in England but lives in Australia. "Over nektergalens floor 'is the first part of a trilogy.

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