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Bret Easton Ellis: American Psycho

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This book is written by the controversial writer Bret Easton Ellis (1964 -). He has besides American Psycho (1991), released Nothing to Lose (1985, Less than zero), The rules of attraction (1987), the informers (1994, The Informers), and most recently Glamorama (1999). Ellis, who lives in New York, comes from a relatively wealthy family and like many others, he was sent to a boarding school with a well-stocked checkbook to then fend for himself. He became interested in writing and not long after he wrote his first book, Nothing to lose. He has a right own style and it can be quite difficult for some but I like it, and in addition he writes always his books in the first person. Ellis has said that American Psycho is an autobiography that tells how he was doing during the time the book was written (1987-1990), but he also adds that all murders and thoughts about the murders do not belong to the autobiographical. To add is that Ellis writes very descriptive and you can almost see what they are reading. Are you a sensitive person should not read the book, I think, and many other också.Den this book is quite special and it is not easy to summarize the book, but I will try as best they can. The book is set between the years 1987-1990. Patrick Bateman, the main character in the book, is a very superficial one. He is handsome, well educated, intelligent, rich, and ... very evil, though it is not noticeable on the surface. He moves in nice circles with friends that are as shallow as him, but nowhere near as bad. They go on exclusive and expensive restaurants and clubs, practicing in private fitness clubs, fine cocaine addict, and always buy the most expensive clothes and all the other expensive products. Examples of superficial talk about the latest business vogue:

"Hey Bateman," said Craig with a voice that suggests that this is not his first martini. "Is it okay to go in loafers with a tassel to the business suit or not? Do not look at me like I was crazy "

Much like it there is talk among his male friends. No one knows about that Patrick really is very evil beneath the surface. Patrick says sometimes things that should excite suspicion, but as the talking tends to be superficial, they think that he just joking or they do not listen to what he says. Example is when a man, Luis Carruthers, who got the idea that Patrick has the same feelings for him as he has for Patrick, throws himself after Patrick in a store crying of sadness, and then Patrick says:

"Listen to me, Luis. If you do not stop crying, you fucking pathetic ass boy, I will cut from you your damn neck. Do you hear what I say? I usually do not warn people. So-was-grateful-for-that-I-warn-you, "

... A night when Patrick is walking on the street, he walks past a homeless with a dog. Patrick decides to hand out a tiodollarssedel, but out of reach for the homeless. He starts talking about the benefits of having a job, but homeless just saying that all he wants is food or money for food. After some chatter gets Patrick a little impatient and take back the note and put it back in his pocket and takes out a sharp, serrated knife and says, "Do you know what a fucking loser you are? '. He takes the knife and run it into the eye of the homeless and then stand him down with the knife and at the end before he walks away, he breaks the bones of the dog that howls of pain ...
It is the prelude to the evil part of Patrick you get to follow in the rest of the book full of brutal murders of eg a child at the zoo, but mixed with his superficial life with the friends too.

Patrick himself does not think it gives something to kill a man who has no history, "It's so much worse (and enjoyment richer) to take the life of someone who has reached the prime of life, who have the beginnings of a full history, a spouse or husband, a network of friends, a career, whose death will upset a lot more people with boundless capacity to ensure than a child would do ... ". This is the biggest reason why Patrick did not kill more children and just stick to people between 20-35, mainly prostitutes women he has sex with before he kills them, one of them is Christie who is twice in the book (before she dies).

The book is set exclusively in New York between the years 1987-1990, with the exception of a chapter on Long Island outside of NY. Patrick moves only in the nice areas (sometimes he had to go into some slum streets), and visit only the finest restaurants and clubs. At home with Patrick, it is very expensive things like paintings, statues, etc., and everything in the exclusive 80th century fashion.

Patrick as a person can be described as a young, good looking, well educated, intelligent, physically fit and rich. He is what many girls have that dream, but that they do not expect is his evil and extremely callous interior. He is also very shallow and buys nothing but the most expensive products from the finest companies and fashion designers. He has a closet filled with expensive suits and garments from the fine brands such as Armani, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Boss mm Patrick is very intelligent, but also very sick in the head. To cope with the press and everything else he goes on valium, cocaine and other pills and drugs. In one chapter (Glimpse of a Thursday Afternoon), the author describes Patrick's thoughts and actions so well that you yourself thought that it was Patrick and knew how bad he was feeling.
His friends, who for the most part is Craig McDermott, Evelyn (his fiancée), Courtney, David Van Patten, Timothy Price (who is featured in the book informers), Paul Owen and others. He also has a younger brother, Sean Bateman (he is featured in The rules of attraction), who shows up once on Sean's birthday and have dinner with Patrick. They hate long each other, and very rarely have contact with each other. His mother is in a chapter additionally.

My words about the book is that it is very original (I have well not read so many books, but this one is pretty special), and very good. It contains a fair amount of satire and humor. A little fun is it when Patrick meets Tom Cruise on the way up to his floor in building houses. They have an odd conversation with each other that is right funny. Another fun element is Patty Winters Show on television, appearing in many chapters. It's about everything possible, eg "This morning's topic on the Patty Winters Show was about a machine that helps people to talk to the dead." The book's resolution was not quite what I was thinking, because I thought it was going to happen something dramatic with Patrick, but it just makes it easier for a sequel to be written, but I do not think will happen. American Psycho premiered as a biofilm in the United States April 14, 2000, and if it comes to Sweden remains to be seen. I really hope it happens, because it seems to be pretty good even if the sexual and violence has been toned down a bit. A sequel to the film would probably be quite possible, but not to the book.

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