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Crime and punishment

Topic: Ethics
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* I believe that many people become criminals because their parents, friends or others they associate with are doing crimes of any kind. They might come into some gangs are doing crimes and then they start well with it, they do like the others to fit into the team. I also believe that many perpetrators are tough at home, especially young people. The parents do not care so much about what they do in their leisure time or at school. It does probably whopping matter if förldrarna not care about what happens to their children, or tell they what is right and wrong. If parents abuse, fiddling with taxes or steals something, it's probably common that their children also begin to do so because they do not understand what is right and what is wrong, if the parents do not tell.
Many people start with small crimes, such as shoplifting a candy bag, or cheat on tests. Since becoming the offenses bigger and bigger and more serious and more serious.
Because cigarettes, snuff and alcohol, which is beroendeframmkallande, becomes very expensive in the long run, many people become criminals because they can not afford to buy as much of it as they want.

* I think we should have the right bit harsh punishment. Not too mild, because do not understand the criminals that they are seriously, but not too hard.
I think it is little wonder that in eg the USA, where there is the death penalty, it is much crime, though it really should be less because there are stiffer penalties. Why?
Because it does not seem to work with heavy penalties, I think it is unnecessary to have tougher penalties than needed.
Many people who commit crimes under the influence of drugs or alcohol and am not thinking twice before they react. Same with those who are mentally retarded, they ought to instead be helped to mend their ways and get a better life.
When a criminal who has been in prison come out again, I think everyone should have someone there and look at them so that they do not begin to do crime again.

* The penalty is for it to be a deterrent, people who have done something horrible crimes are not supposed to have faith that what they have done is okay, so you must have punishment for the sake of it. But there are also health care, some that make crime is not entirely healthy in the head so they must get care. In the end, the penalty is also revenge. If someone you know has experienced something so you do not want the person who has done the crime should be allowed to go loose and do more crimes, then, you want revenge. If not, the penalty would have been would probably have to seek vengeance and it would not be so good, then maybe you do something as awful as the person you want to take revenge on've done.

* The death penalty is too harsh penalty. The people who have done the crime may not even have a chance to mend his ways, and in addition it helps not even by death.
There's also the risk that an innocent may be sentenced to death.
There are so very many horrible way to take someone's life too. Just think of the electric chair! How horrible is that? You can only kill someone in this way. It is a scandal!
In and of itself, I think it's really terrible with the life imprisonment too, then life, whole life. Not like in Sweden, where life is not life, but where you really get to sit in prison until you die.
It's almost the same thing. Capital punishment and life imprisonment. If you are going to die in prison. Though in jail, one can do something, writing a book, for example, and if you sit in jail can the family and friends come and visit one.

"If someone murdered your mother, or your sister, do not deserve that person to himself to die then? If someone rapes your cousin and then cut her throat, you would not dither that someone cut off his neck? If a person kicked killed your best friend would not you want that this person would be kicked to death? everything they do will always get back in the end, varesej it is good or evil things. The death penalty is necessary and fair to those who utsats! Enjoy what you want but if anything above that have happened to you then should you not wish for him a year in a room with television and playstation? "Approximately wrote an anonymous person on xdeb.org (comments)
Certainly I would agree with some of this, but I still think at the same time that it is wrong to take someone's life.

Electrical Eberhardson

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