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Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

Subject: English , Reviews
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1 Who was Marley?
Marley was Scrooge's clerk When he was alive.

2 Describe Scrooge.
Scrooge is a hard man who love money and thinking only of himself.

3, What does Scrooge think of Christmas?
Scrooge thinks That Christmas is a fraud. He thinks Christmas is only a time for paying bills. According To him are all the people who celebrate Christmas idiots.

4, What do you think of Christmas?
I do not celebrate Christmas because I'm Muslim but I think Christmas is a good time. Whole family get together and eat a very nice dinner together. And celebrate the pleasant time.

5, How much does Scrooge's clerk earn?
Scrooge's clerk earned half a crown, two shillings and sixpence.

6, What does the gentleman say about the poor people?
The gentleman said:
Christmas is a time When we must help the poor. They suffer greatly at the pleasant time.

7, What does Scrooge say about them?
Scrooge did not like the poor people. He just care about himself. He saidthat he'll have too little money to give it to people who do no work.
He thinks it's enough to pay for the prisons and the workhouses. According To him must the poor go to the workhouse to survive.
He overpriced says:
-It's not my business to think about poor people.

9 How many days of paid holiday does Scrooge's clerk have in a year?
Scrooge's clerk have only one paid holiday in a year and it's Christmas.

10, What does Scrooge see in the door knocker?
Scrooge saw his dead friend Marley's face.

11, What sounds does Scrooge hearings in the house?
Scrooge heard the bells rank in the house.

12 Does Scrooge believe in Marley's ghost?
Scrooge did not believe in Marley's ghost first but after he had talk with the spirit, he Began to believe in Marley's ghost.
13, What does the ghost say about wandering around?
The ghost saidthat every man's spirit must walk out between other parties, and travel far and wide. If a spirit does not walk out in life it's must do that after death. The spirits must go out, wander through the world, and tell to the otherside That he's in a terrible trouble. And in the world he must look at all the joy it can not share. And he must look at the things it might have shared a happily on the earth.

14 When did Marley die?
Marley has died for seven years ago.

15, What does the ghost tell Scrooge about the three spirits?
Marley's ghost saidthat three spirits would haunt Scrooge. And Scrooge can not avoid the path the ghost Tread.

16, What does Scrooge see outside the window?
Scrooge saw that the air was filled with phantoms who wandered here and there in restless hurry and cried sadly. Every spirit wore chains like Marley's ghost.

17, Do you believe in ghosts? Explain.
I do not believe in ghost. I think all the stories about ghosts are bullshit.
I have a cousin who tells ghost stories and he says They are true. But the stories are so stupid. I remember, one day he told a story about a married woman who had children too. She and her family moved into her husband's grandfather's house. His grandfather has died for many years ago. Anyway, the woman was cooking dinner one evening in the kitchen and out of the corner of her eye she saw two ghostly figures gliding past the kitchen door. She looked in at the door and she walked out and looked around to see Where They went. But she could not see anything. Her husband was in the lounge room and that was where the ghost had come from. She asked him:
- Did you see someone here?
He replied with:
- What?
She told him what she had seen and he just looked at her. She thought to herself if this were real and she truly did see this then it must ask grandma and grandfather.

The story is unreal. The woman probably just imagined. All the stories about ghosts are just imaginations and stupid inventions.


1, What is the time When Scrooge wakes up?
When Scrooge woke up was the time 12 pm

2 Describe the spirit of Christmas Past.
The Spirit of Christmas Past was the first Spirit of the three Spirits. The spirit was a strange figure. It looks like a child and yet like an old man. And his voice was soft and gentle.

3 Why has the ghost come to Scrooge?
The ghost has come to Scrooge to do him good.

4, What does Scrooge say about the country music scene?
Scrooge saidthat the countryside is Good Heaven, he grew up in this place. Scrooge remembered everyplace in the countryside.

5, What does Scrooge feel about the travelers They meet?
Scrooge felt very happy When he met the travelers marry. He Became so happy so he Began to cry.

6 Describe the school room (look at the picture).
The schoolroom was not so advanced. First thing you'll see in the room When you come in to the room are the Most benches situated on a range of up to the wall. On the left side is a window without curtains. And beside the window are a small fire. Over the "fire" are a book and two pictures / boards.

7, Can you tell the story of Ali Baba?
On one Christmas, When The small child was left in the school room all alone, Ali Baba did come, for the first time, like a poor boy.

When Scrooge saw the boy alone he remembered That a boy was singing a Christmas Carol at his door last night. So he thought That Should he give something to the little boy.

8 Why has the little girl come to the school?
The little girl comes to school to take him home.

9 What did the girl do later in life?
The little girl died When She was a woman. She had a child too, Scrooge's nephew.

10, Can you describe any place where you have lived or gone to school in the past?
I was born in a small town called That Trollhättan. And I have grown up there. It is a very small town there are only two large department stores. This small town have many primary schools but only a few high schools. Anyways, my first school was a very small building with only six classes, two first-degree, two two-degree and two third-graders. But the school got mold so all the classes moved to a school who was very close.
The new school was red and larger than the moldy school. The bad thing with the New School Was That the teachers were very skimp. They DECIDED how much We Should ate and what we would eat. Otherwise, the teachers were nice.
The moldy school is a church now.
11, How did Scrooge know Fezziwig?
Fezziwig was Scrooge's chief When he worked in a werehouse.

12, Where do the two boys sleep?
The two boys slept under the table in the back shop.

13, What changes does the girl see in Scrooge?
The girl sees Scrooge That has changed, he fears the world to much and That makes her sad.
14, What do you think of the way she talks to him?
I think she loved him very much. But Because Scrooge changed, and thought only about his money, it was none of Their relationship.
She tried to get the good Scrooge, but could not.

15 Why does the girl let Scrooge go? Would you do that?
The girl let go Because Scrooge Scrooge was changed. She thought That Scrooge would never choose a girl who has no money. She thought he would feel sorry and bitter after he marries with a poor girl. So that was the Reasons Why she left him go.

I think I would do the same like the girl. Because it is Bike or Bus to live with a hard man who just love money and spent completely the life into his office. It's Bike or Bus to live with a hard man who just love money and spent the whole life in his office.
I know it's not easy to forget a lover but I think it's only That way to do.
She just saved her life. Maybe she could change him after the married but it's very Bike or Bus.

16 Who are the mother and daughter with the many children?
The mother is Belle, Scrooge's lover who let him go. And the Daughter is Belle's daughter.

17, What does Scrooge think When he sees the father?
Scrooge wanted to go away from the place. He would not see more.

18, What does Scrooge do to the Spirit of Christmas Past?
Scrooge fought with the ghost but it was not really a struggle for the ghost, Because he was not touched by it.


1, Try to describe the Ghost of Christmas Present.
The Spirit was clothed in one simple green rube whit white fur border. The Spirit's hair was long and he looked very friendly. His eyes were shining and his voice was cheerful.

2, How many brothers does the Spirit have? Why is that?
The Spirit of Christmas Present have more than eighteen hundred (1800) brothers Because he has a large family.

3, What difference can you see between the shops shown here and the shops where you live?
The shops before sold only one kind of goods in a shop like The Fruiter sold only from the vegetable kingdom, like vegetables and fruits. And the Poultry sold only all kinds of bird meat, like chickens and turkey. But in today's shops can buy all thing you need from one shop.
In forms times the shops was more like the markets today.

4, What Happens When The Spirit use his Torch?
When The Spirit used the torch sprinkled incense on Their dinner from his torch.

5, What is the name of Scrooge's clerk?
Scrooge's clerk's name is Bob Cratchit.

6, What does Martha do When her father comes?
Martha hid When her father came Because she wanted to joke with him.

7 What did Tiny Tim tell Bob about his lameness?
Tiny Tim saidthat he hoped the people saw him in the church, Because he was lame and it might be pleasant to them to remember, upon Christmas Day.

8, Can you find out what a Christmas pudding ice made of?
The Christmas pudding is made of currants, raisins, breadcrumbs, orange peel, tallow and a lot of dried fruit. The pudding Boils in water.
The pudding ice thwart dried out on hooks for weeks prior to serving in order to Enhance the flavor.

9 What does Tiny Tim say When Bob has wished them all a Merry Christmas?
After Bob had wished all of them, a Merry Christmas Tiny Tim said:
- God bless us every one!
10, Why does Scrooge hang his head?
Scrooge hung his head Because the spirit said Scrooge's nasty words about the poor. The spirit said:
- If he's likely to die, he had better do it. There are too many people in the world These Days.
Scrooge felt terribly sorry and regretted for what he has said.

11 What do the Cratchit family think of Scrooge?
The Cratchit family thinks That Scrooge is an evil, money-loving, hard and unfeeling man. But the Cratchit family was good hearted so They wished him a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

12, What do Scrooge and the Spirit see as They go along the streets?
Scrooge and the spirit saw a family who celebrate Christmas together. All the rooms in the house had red curtains and were decorated with candles, When They went along the streets.

13 What are the people doing in the little house, the lighthouse and the ship?
In the small house, the family had Gathered round a fire And they celebrated Christmas by singing Christmas songs.
In the lighthouseswere tow but who made a fire and wished eachother Marry Christmas with a Christmas drink. And one of them sang a song.
On the ship, all the people sang Christmas song And they thought of their Families. They hoped to be with them on That pleasant day.

14, What does Scrooge's nephew say about Scrooge's money?
Scrooge's nephew saidthat Scrooge's money is of no use to him and he does not do any good with it. He does not make himself comfortable with it.

15, Do people play games at Christmas where you live? Explain.
I do not know really Because me and my family do not celebrate Christmas. But I think Those Who Celebrate Christmas plays games. Because When I was little and went to kindergarten, and there have I played Christmas games before Christmas.

16, What effects does the Spirit have on people When it visits them?
Always When the spirit comes to a home it's always ends happy.

17 Why have the two poor children come to the Spirit?
The boy and girl comes to the spirit Because They have nowhere to go.

18, What is the time at the end of Stave Three?
The time was twelve at the end of stave three. (The bells struck twelve)


1, Try to describe the Ghost of Christmas Yet to come (look at the picture)
The last Spirit was dressed in deep black. You could only see his hand that was outstretched.

2, Ice Scrooge willing to go with the Phantom?
Yes, Scrooge wanted to go with him Because he wanted to the night running out as soon as possible.

3, Why does the man think perhaps he was Scrooge's closest friend?
The man thinks he was Scrooge's closest friend Because They were used to stop and speak Whenever They meth.

4, What kind of things would you like people say about you after you are dead?
I would like that the people say:
- She was really a good person, we'll never forget her.

5 Describe the four people in the old shop.
The one of them four people in the shop was a old man of nearly seventy years of age and he smoked pipe. And the others of them were tow women, one of them was Scrooge's cleaning-woman and the other was his washer-woman. And the fourth was a man who was Scrooge's the faker's husband.

6, What have the three people brought In Their bundles?
Mrs. Dilber brought Scrooge's some clothes, two silver teaspoons and a few boots.
And the first woman have Scrooge's bed-curtains.
The man has a few small things.

8, What does Dickens say about a dead man who has been loved, and what do you think of that?
Dickens says That who has done well in life can not die. A good man is left in everyone's mind after he has died.
I think that's true.

9 What are the mother and father talking about?
The mother and father Talked about Scrooge. If it was good or bad, That he died.

10, What do they feel about the death of the man?
Their feelings about Scrooge's death were very bad. They were happy Because he had he died. They were only worried abouttheir guilty money. They thought it was good That he died Because he was a bad man.

11 Describe the scene in Bob Cratchit's house.
All in Bob Cratchit's house were very sad. The mother and the children sat very quiet round the fire and waited on Bob.

12, What has happened to make the Cratchit's sad?
The Cratchits were sad Because the friendly Tiny Tim had died.
13, How did Scrooge's nephew behave towards Bob Cratchit?
Scrooge's Nephew behaved very pleasantly towards Bob Cratchit. Scrooge's nephew said if Bob need any help he can come to him.

14, What does Bob want the family to remember about Tiny Tim, and why?
Bob wanted That the family will Remember That how patient and how mild Tiny Tim was, Although he was a little child, and When They Remember That, They shell not quarrel moonrise among themeselves, and not forget Tiny Tim in doing it.

15, What does Scrooge say about the ends of men's lives?
Scrooge said:
- Men's lives will show the ends That are to come, if Those lives continue as They are. But if Those lives are changed to different courses, Their ends will change.

16, What does Scrooge plan to do, now that he has met the Spirit?
Scrooge planned to honor Christmas in his heart and try too keep it all the year. He will live in the Past, the present and the future.

17 How does the Phantom change in the end?
Scrooge saw a change in the Phantom's dress. It grew smaller and smaller still, and finally it was only a bed post.

18, Which of the characters in this story do you like best, and why?
I think That Tiny Tim had the best role. Because Scrooge Began to like Tiny Tim, Scrooge did not want Tiny Tim would die. The main reason of the change in Scrooge Was That he did not want that Tint Tim to die.


1, What does Scrooge say about the three Spirits?
Scrooge saidthat the three Spirits Shall Strive within heaven and the heaven and the Christmas time will get praised for it.

2, Has anything into Scrooge's home changed during the night?
Nothing had changed in Scrooge's house, everything was as it was before he went to sleep.

3, What does Scrooge asked the boy to do for him?
Scrooge asked the boy to go and buy a big Turkey to him.

4, How much do you think the turkey weighs?
I think the Turkey's weight is around 30 kg Because it's twice the size of Tiny Tim.

5, How much money do you think Scrooge is going to give the gentleman?
Scrooge gave a lot of money Because he paid for the turkey and for the cab, Which the big turkey will deliver in to Bob. Moreover, he gave a shilling to the boy who helped him.

6 Whose home does Scrooge go to?
Scrooge went to his nephew, Fred.

7 When does Bob arrive in the office next morning?
Bob arrived 9:18 am in the office next morning, 18 minutes late.

8, By how much do you think Scrooge is going to raise Bob's salary?
Scrooge gave him a higher salary instead to rise from his salary.

9, What kind of a man does Scrooge now've become?
Scrooge Became a very good man. He does not think only about himself, overpriced about the poor and other people.

10, What words of Tiny Tim are used to finish the story?
In the end said Tiny Tim:
- God bless us Every One!

11, Do you like the ending of the story? Can you imagine another ending?
I think That That the end was good, Because it ended happily. Scrooge Became a good man and the poor Tiny Tim lived happily the rest of his life.

12 Now, how about reading this story in the original, as Charles Dickens wrote it?
I do not think I want to read the Original Because I know what happens in the end now. If I had not read this, so I would perhaps read the Original.


1, What happens at Christmas where you live?
When Christmas time comes are all the houses decorated with Several candles / lights and the curtains are Exchanged to red with Santa Claus or other motives at them. And on every farm stands a decorated Christmas tree.
All department stores are decorated with red, green, yellow and blue lights and thwart has a snowman or a Christmas tree at the entrance.
Whole the city is highlighted by colorful lights, That makes the city lively. On can moonrise notice That it's Christmas time.

2 Say what happens at Christmas in your own family.
We do not celebrate Christmas Because we are Muslims. But we have a similar ceremony When our Prophet Mohammed was born. But we do not decorate our houses Because we live in Sweden, but in our homeland They decorate Their houses and have a big party.
Muslims in Sweden goes to the Mosque, like the Christian goes to church, and we'll have a little party after we havebeen in Mosque.

3, Try to compare Dickens' Christmas scenes with your own experience.
I think Christmas here is like almost like Dicken's Christmas. I do not really know because i do not celebrate Christmas. But as far as I know, it resembles like Dicken's Christmas.

4 How many days of the year does Christmas take up for you?
I think Christmas takes three days of a year.

5, How much holiday do you get at Christmas?
I'll get two and a half weeks holidays at Christmas.

6, Are there any other religious festivals similar to Christmas where you live?
Yes, That Day When The Prophet Mohammed was born, we celebrate this day almost as Christmas. We also celebrate his birthday three days like the Christian celebrate Christmas.

Words I DID Understood

Doornail fitting nail
Mourner Mourning, participants in a funeral
Surer certain, secure, confident, affectionate
Purpose intention, purpose, meaning
Beggars Beggars
Clerk employee, secretary
Beyond beyond, on the other hand, more than, in addition
Hambug scam, scams
Cross interbreed, stolen, angry, vicious, acidic
Begged bath
Covered veiled, covered
Intended intended, the intended
Fields Field
Onward further
Straight Straight
Fetch distance, distance
Achieved achieve
Suggest imply, suggest
Bent foul, crooked
Gathered gatherer
Lain been
Certainly certainly, particularly
Spectre Spectre
Honour, honor, pride
Either either
Courage mod
Niece niece, niece

Masuma Raza Hussain

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