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Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist

Topic: English, Reviews
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The story is about a little boy. His mother died just after he was born. The boy gets the name Oliver Twist.
The only thing he owns is a cap in pure gold, with a picture of his grandmother. The lady who owns the workshop where Oliver works, says That he will get the lid on his twelfth birthday. But only if he is a nice boy.
One day all the children who live in the workhouse eat together in the dining room. When Oliver has finished his lunch, he asks for more. The lady in charge gets angry and throws him out. Now Oliver is all alone in the big world, without parents, without home, without food and HE HAS not got the cover either. Oliver wants to have the cap back at any price. At night he goes back into the house and goes quietly into the lady's room. He finds the lid and as he is hungry he takes some food too. Now he starts his journey to the city of London.
In London, Oliver meets Dodger who is an orphan too. Dodger shows him the way to Fagin's home. Oliver thinks Fagin is a nice old man who takes care of small boys. But there is something That is not as it Should be. Fagin is stingy, but all the boys get food and a bed. Oliver stays with Fagin, Dodger and all the other boys for sometime. He Learns how to steal, and he Becomes a pickpocket.
One day When Oliver is in the bookstore, Dodger tells him to take something in a man's pocket. The man's niece screams When She Sees That Oliver is taking a watch from her uncle. In the confusion That FOLLOWS, Dodger takes the watch and runs away. Oliver gets caught and is taken to the courthouse. Miss Rose, the man's niece, is a witness and tells the judge That Oliver is innocent. Oliver is free to go.
Miss Rose and her uncle brings Oliver to theirhome, a big house in the rich part of London. In the big house Oliver is well taken care of. At dinner Oliver looks at a picture on the wall and he thinks the lady looks like his grandmother. He asks Miss Rose who it is and she tells him. Then he Explains everything about the lid and he says That Fagin HAS taken it from him. Miss Rose thinks That Oliver Could be the old man's only grand-child and heir.
Meanwhile Oliver ice in the big house Fagin finds out how to get him back. One day Oliver is out in the street, on his way to the bookstore. Some of Fagin's friends, Bill Sikes and his wife take him back to Fagin's house. Oliver really wants to get back to his relatives and tell them what happened to him. But Fagin and Sikes will not let him go That easy. Sike's wife runs to the big house and tells everything to Miss Rose and her uncle. She makes an appointment with Miss Rose. They will meet at London Bridge at midnight and she will handover Oliver to them.
Everything does not go as planned. Sikes finds out his wife's plane and kills her. In unknowingness of the murder, Dodger tells Oliver to ask at London Bridge at midnight. There he will meet his relatives. First, Oliver wants to get his cap back to prove the truth about his family. Therefore he runs back to Fagin's house. He takes the box with all the expensive things inside, thats Fagin HAS hidden. On his way out he meets Sikes who takes the box. After a while Fagin steps inside his home and he sees That Sikes HAS his box.
Now the police are standing outside the doors. Bill takes Oliver to the roof and tries to escape. He falls down and gets the rope around his neck. Everything works out fine for Oliver and he gets his cap back. He is overpriced reunited with his family. Dodger goes to prison, where he wants to be. He wants to learn more things about stealing. He Decides to ask a thief in the future.

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