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Claude Monet

Subject: Biographies
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Monet was born in 1840 and died 1926.Monet grew up in the English Channel He took early impressions of outdoor painters and and atmospheric variations and the influence of the landscape. It was in the 1800s as Monet met Manet Monet tried to emulate and Pissaro, Renior, Sisley as he tried to emulate. In 1870 came his art to be more emotional and mature and expressiveness with rapid brushstrokes and experience of the play of color and luminosity of aqueous surfaces, sky, streets, railway stations and ports. And every time, but he prized by the people and honored by the people for their paintings.
His most famous painting was Näckrosdammen as he did in 1898 he painted any water and nature's mystery. The longer Monet lived in his house so big cut was trägården increasingly finer. He planted more and more flowers. And then he used the garden of his paintings. He sounded even build a small lake in the garden so that he could plant water lilies painting of there and he built a Japanese bridge over the pond .He was with a former Alice named Camille and they had a son named Jean and they would marry, but they were not allowed to Monet's dad and they got to son after the named Michel. Monet was married to named Alice and had eight small children, Jean Pierre, Michel, Jean Jacques, Marthe, Susann, Gremanie. Monet's youngest son, Michel, every run over on the Seine quay when he was 88 years old. When the museum inherit all the paintings he had no children. And Camille every ill with tuberculosis and after Michels was born where she was worse and he died could not paint anymore and Alice had to take him Monet and the two babies and the other six children lucky that Alice was there. And Monet had to start painting again to raise money and he got it and he got some money and went and looked at a new house and when he found his dream house, it cut the house and the house was empty and went to rent and the whole family moved in there. And he began to redo the garden. After that Ernest had died could Alice married but each other and they buried Ernest in Giverny. And then married a few and got a job and it dismissed the Monet.1840 Monet born in Paris November 14
1846 Monet moved to Le Havre with his parents
1859 Monet travels to Paris to study painting
1867 Monet, children with Camille Doncieux, Their son Jan
1870 Marries Camille
1877 Ernest Hochede hold to Belgium Jean-Pierre is born
1878 Monet, Camille, Alice and the kids rent holiday homes in Vethuil. Michel Monet born
1879 Camille dies
1883 Monet rents the house at Giverny. The family moves in
1890 Monet afford to buy Huste
1891 Ernest Hochede dies and is buried in the Giverny
1892 Alice and Monet and Suzanne and Theodore Butler married. Horticultural master Felix employed
1893 Monet buys land for lily pond
1897 Blanche and Jean married
1900 Theodore Butler marries Marthe
1908 Monet begins to look worse
1911 Alice dies May 19
1914 Jean dies. The First World War breaks out
1916 big studio complete. Monet painting begins näckrosmåln.
1921 The sight impaired
1923 Monet undergo surgery for cataracts
1926 lily paintings clear.
Monet dies December 5

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