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Comedia Infantil

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Comedia Infantil is about a boy named Nelio. Nelio escaped from the bandits who had taken his family captive. During their trek hits Nelio a white dwarf named Yabu Bata.
Yabu Bata is a small man with big dreams, because he's dream is to one day find the path home.
Yabu Bata has been wandering for 15 years and he believes he will be able to walk for 15 years if he has bad luck. Nelio leave Yabu Bata after a few weeks.
After a few days of wandering on their own so will Nelio to a city.
Nelio moves into an abandoned statue, which remains his home while in town.
One night stands Nelio on the city's theater scene, and then he shot.
Now he blödandes on a rooftop and tells the story of his life for a man named Jose.

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