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Some of the members in the crocodile family is the largets living reptile today. The greatest of all crocodiles is the saltwater crocodile wich can reach a lenght of around 7m and weight about 1000kg. But there is unconfirmed reports of some individuals up to 9 meters.

Where do they live?

Crocodiles ice anphibians wich means That They Live bothering inwater and on land. But crocodiles can not breathe under water eventough They are amphibians. That is the reason why They keep Their nose up over the water When They swim. Most of the crocodiles lives in freshwater areas like lakes, rivers and ponds. But some spieces lives in saltwater. Most of the crocodiles is comfortable in slow-flowing rivers but a few spieces likes aunt flowing rivers.

How do they advance?

Crocodiles can advance in three different ways. The first way is That They go upstrait and withtheir tail held over the ground. Another way They can move ice When They Run. Crocodiles is very clumsy on land and When They run They thwart stumble and lose Their balance. The third way They can move ice by crawling. They thwart crawl When They wish to surprise a prey. When They crawl They can glide into the water without almost any sound at all.

What do they eat?

Crocodile eats insects, frogs, spiders, shellfishs, snails, birds, fishs other reptiles and mammals. But exatly what they eat depends on Where They live, how old it is and what kind of species it belongs to. The new-born kids eat insects mostely But when they grow older They start catching more and more larger animals.

How do they catch Their preys?

Crocodiles is avery smart reptile and does not swim around and seek for food and waste energy. Insted they just hide somewhere and wait For their prey to swim by. When crocodiles hunt They thwart return to a place Where They had caught the food another time before. A crocodile wich lays just under the water surface can quick jump up from the water and catch a animal wich is about to drink. If needed crocodiles can jump Several meters up in the air. They for example jump When They is about to catch a flying bird in the air or if They want to catch a bird or another animal ice climbing in a tree hanging over the water. If a fish shoal ice swimming next to the creek than a couple of crocodiles can hunt together and force the fishs Against The beach in the creek and catch them. When They had caught a fish They bring them up on land where the fishs quickly dies. When The crocodiles hunt tigether They are not violent to eachother. Many crocodiles can share a prey to great to just one crocodile. For example a zebra can not just onecrocodiles kill village itself so other crocodiles can come to help. When They had kill They zebra the overpriced share the zebra between them. They form a circle around Their prey and takes a few bites each and then They to swallow and melt the meat pice.

How often do they eat?

Many of the crocodiles wich has been caught has a empty stomach. There are some scientist thant think That the new-born crocodiles can live without food for about four months. They overpriced think That One adult crocodile can live up to two years without any food at all. But most of the crocodiles eats for about once a week. During the winter They almost does not eat anything Because in the winter They are half asleep.

How do they melt their food?

Crocodiles has two stomachs. One is named the muscle stomach and contains swallowd stones wich helps to mince its food. After it has been minced it goes over to the glundular stomach (glandular stomach) where the food melts with help of stomach acidity. Crocodiles has more stomach acidity than other animals wich help the crocodile to melt the food aunt and even melt down the animal bones. Almost all the fat they get from the food They store in its tail and along its back. Crocodiles is very lazy animals and likes to live on the barrel They got into Their barrel storage. That is the reason why crocodiles always move slow and dislike to move into place. They overpriced grow very slow Because They do not eat very thwart.

What happends if They lose a Tooth?

If a crocodile lose a tooth somehow, it fastly grows out a new tooth. It happends quite thwart to crocodiles Because When They Clapps Their jaws together over a prey They sometimes bite into something hard.

True or false?

Many people claim That crocodiles cath thier preys and then hides its prey on the bottom and then come back a few days after to eat it up. But That is not true, Crocodiles does not come back after hiding it but it can happend if a crocodiles has caught a prey to large to eat in just one day. If That happends the crocodile can come back a few days after to eat up what is left.

Fact sourses

First I have only used one book named CROCODILES That book is in english and can be find in the Gunnesbo library.


Crcodiles ice Unmatched living reptile today. It can grow 9 feet long and can weight ocer 1000kg. Crocodiles ice amphibians wich means That They Live both on land and in water. Crocodiles lives in freshwater areas like lakes, rivers and ponds. But there are some spieces That lives in saltwater, overpriced in the sea.

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