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CS Lewis

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Now that the hunt finished authoring the portrait of CS Lewis, I know that this is his religionstro was tricky to understand. How he became a Christian has been declared in a rather obscure way with some words that I never heard before. The Hindu monk who was on a visit to the school a week before the filing date, however, has made me understand this with the souls and emotions in a better way. But it Varanda necessary to write about his faith, because it has affected his writing so much. In this author's portrait, I have skipped over some things and not taken with every detail. They have been too deep and too difficult and it would have been too difficult to explain them in a good way but to write off.

Although it has been black, I am satisfied with my choice of authors. From the beginning, I thought to write about Auel, but when there was so much information about her, I got a few other suggestions: Astrid Lindgren, Fritjof Nilsson Piraten and last CS Lewis. Direct I knew that CS Lewis, I have. I always liked his books. They have no special postcards available difficult to describe, but DeMar wonderful to read. Unfortunately I have not read so very many.

After all, it has been both fun (roligareän homework that had come second), and interesting to read about a man who was so intellectual and so good imagination. CS Lewis has been amazing to read about.


Family and childhood

On November 29, 1898 at Belfast-born Flora Augusta Hamilton Lewis a child she and her father, Albert James Lewis named Clive Staples Lewis. He also had a treåräldre brother named Warren H. Lewis. Their father was a lawyer and therefore they were a r k family, who could afford to give children a good and long education. CS Lewis's mother came from a priest family and had no work, but was home and took the children. CS Lewis grew up in a strict and Christian family.

When little Lewis was sjuår family moved to a large new house called Little Lea (small meadow) and low outside Dublin. This laid the foundation for a lifelong, meaningful acquaintance to a few people, for Lewis. He and his brother left's namely alone in an attic room where they could draw, write, and fantasize. They found together in fantasy worlds and creatures. They created a fantasy land that they called Box. It was here that he began to write. He wrote of mice in large armor who rode out to kill cats. But it was a modern country with contemporary innovations såsomångbåtar and locomotives. Lewis did a continent which he named Animals Country and together with his brother's fantasy land of India created the world box. When the weather is nice v Lewis used to take long bike rides with a fellow named Arthur Greeves. They were often out and cycled. As they rode they talked about most things, among others Nordic mythology. Later, when they moved away from each other, they began to correspond and this soon put to death.

Lewis childhood happiness was dampened considerably when he was ten years and his mother, Flora died of cancer. Lewis prayed to God that his mother would live, but when she died, he did not have to do with God.


A month later, Lewis school. First Wynyard in Watford, Hertfordshire, north of London. Where he went in the two year old before the school closed. It was there that he got to know Christianity really and began to read the Bible. Himself he thought t was "wasted, and unfortunate" years and started at Campbell College, which was very close to Little Lea. After one semester he was forced to quit due to illness and that his father was unhappy with the school.

At trettonårsålderåtervände Lewis to England, where he started a preparatory school, Malvern College. It was a very small school. He hated the sport and wanted to quit, why he wrote a letter to his father and asked to stop. His father allowed it, and instead he spent two years old in Brookham, where the WT Kirkpatrick, "the Great Knock," helped him with the entrance exam to Oxford.

Throughout his schooling had many of his peers proved good at all but want to learn something, which was contrary to Lewis. Hanälskade namely to learn and gain knowledge. Have also loved the book, the content that one could read, menäven binding techniques, wrapping and smell. During this time he learned several new languages: French, German and Italian. He also read a lot of English books.

When Lewis was in school, he was knowledgeable about Christianity and he also tried to become a Christian. But after he finished school took faith in God ended. Moreover, Kirkpatrick atheist and therefore he did not care anymore about God. At least for a while.

When God did not help his mother when he was asked about it, he started writing protest against God. When a letter from his letters alternating friend Arthur Greeves asked him what he thought about religion, he replied: "Religionär human invention, and lacks solid foundations. Primitive humans created religion because of his ignorant fear föråskan and other natural phenomena. It was in such a situation as a philosophical Jew named Yeshua or Jesus created a cult around himself. "

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