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Dan Brown: The center of the circle

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The presidential election in the United States, and it is now bad for President Zach Herney. Better go there for Senator Sedgewick Sexton is gruesomely good to surveys. There are two weeks left until the election, and you have not seen or heard out Zach Herney, so most people think even that Zach Herney bestowed victory to Sedgewick Sexton. Sedgewicks daughter, Rachel, works under President Zach Herney. Rachel works somunderrättelseanalytiker in the top-secret company NRO (National Reconnaissance Office). One day President Zach Herney into Rachel to send her to the Milne Ice Shelf for her to confirm a bargain that NASA has done. First, it's just a big Meteorite them shows that his startling discovery that will lead them to the election. Along with the meteorite were a dozen fossils. Fossils resembled any found on Earth. Fossils is therefore evidence of extraterrestrial life. NASA's been close to shut down because they have not found anything. So this is obviously a big win for NASA. There's just one problem right now!
Accompanied by an expert team, so Rachel until the unthinkable: She finds evidence that this is a scientific hoax. What she does not know is who is behind. Just as she should contact the president, so she gets attacked out of a gang of assassins. The big mystery is how to successfully develop a meltdown on a meteorite, and where are the fossils from? Now, if the meteorite and the fossils are real, so why have them then put in meteorite and fossils beneath the ice? The book describes techniques such as micro cameras flying around in the air, as small as mosquitoes. All technology as defense and NASA may emerge not to the usual market until after 13 years! Our technique is thus 13 years old. All the techniques described in the book is the truth and is for real.

I think this tension novel feels so incredibly real when you read it. It's impossible to put down book. You just want to know what happens! Who wants to kill Rachel? Why? And perhaps most intriguing: Who will win the election? The book contained both laughter, drama, horror, adventure, and love at the same time. That's incredible.

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