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Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe was a British author who wrote Including Robinson Crusoe.
He was born in 1659 and died on 24 april 1731st
He wrote books during the Enlightenment, and before that he worked as a spy / political journalist.
When he was 60 he wrote Robinson Crusoe, my favorite bok
Sometimes Defoe pay dearly for that the authorities did not like his books.
Robinson Crusoe is about a man who is shipwrecked on a deserted island in the Caribbean and is there for 28 years, he had a companion whom he called Friday because he find him on the day of the week Friday.
It is believed that the name Crusoe from Defoe's classmate Timothy Cruso who also wrote books, probably inspired Defoe of Cruso in "Robinson Crusoe".
Daniel Defoe name was Daniel Foe, but he added "The" because it would be a little more "noble"
When I read the chapter "Footprints on the beach" I thought it was sad when it was over I like it very much it was exciting, mysterious, funny and much
Is difficult to explain.
So I want to read the whole book soon.
And why did he start writing was on when he was 35 years old then joined his family business into bankruptcy and it was one of the reasons that he added the "The" in the name.
At first it was thought that Defoe would be a preacher, but instead he wrote to some 20 newspapers as a journalist.
He liked to travel a lot and often traveled around Europe.
Defoe's greatness as a storyteller lies in the realism and tells joy.
He even started its own newspaper that went well.
He was like so many Enlightenment men and was very ironic and satirical.
All did not like it so he had to sit one night in prison, which he thought was very uncomfortable because he was claustrophobic, and then one can imagine that it was not so one can imagine that it was not so pleasant.

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