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Topic: Religion
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In China exerts people religion Daoism. The people need not choose between different religions but they can believe in many religions and gods. Daoism has emerged in China emerged in the 400 century BC. AD, when Lao Zi lived according to some. Islam, Buddhism and Christianity have come to China from other countries. We have studied Taoism on the basis of "religious keys" which are symbols, ceremonies, buildings, rules of life and faith.


Yin and Yang is a symbol which is divided into two parts. The various parts are opposites. Yang stands for example for light, masculinity, activity, etc., while yin is the dark, femininity, passivity and so on. ... The symbol is half white and half black, but the white bar is a black dot, and vice versa. The mixture helps that people receive the balance in their lives and create harmony, which is daoismens goal.
The symbol represents the interaction between Yin and Yang of Taoism.

Celebrations and Traditions

Celebrations and traditions are important in a religion because they bind people together. They create community and belonging.

In the spring, visiting many Chinese graves of the dead and exhibiting lanterns, put out fruit and do good around the grave. It is a feast similar to all the Saints here in Sweden.

A popular holiday celebrated in China, celebrating the spirits of the dead. You sacrifice and pray for them.

In the past men believed in China that spirits had settled in stone animals and plants, and offered to these nature spirits in the sacred mountains in China. Once a year, visiting many Chinese people these mountains, but there are few who think the way they did before.

Other celebrations that most people in China celebrate the Spring Festival at the Chinese New Year when it honors the Chinese emperors power, drakbåts festival in May and the Full Moon Party in August, when the autumn's arrival is celebrated.

Buildings / Places

In a daoisttempel stop most every day and pray and sacrifice to the gods and spirits. There you can find pictures of Lao Tzu, Buddha and Confucius. Besides these, please also to thousands of other gods and spirits.

One does not pray in a temple, but it's fine to ask eg in home. A Chinese who follow the old traditions offer always at home.
In the home, there is a small plate that has its deceased ancestors' names engraved. The plate is said to contain the ancestral soul, and therefore sacrifice the fruit there.
Sacred mountain is a holy place because when people thought that the spirits had settled there.

Rules of conduct

Precepts bind the Community and gives meaning and direction in life. They show how to live and think.

The philosophical Taoism strive to live as the founder Laozi wanted. He said that man should not strive too much or have cravings without being soft and pliable like water. Then one will attain harmony, which is the goal.
The special feature of Daoism in China is that there are no rules believing in only the God and religion, but you get to choose. Precepts are really no rules in Daoism, but you should just be and not having any demands.


There are two divisions in Daoism. Partly philosophical, that is the teaching of it as Lao Zi said. If you live in a certain way, one might get a sense of what the Tao is, and that's the goal.
Lao Zi said that it would follow its interior and make it natural instead of having a lot of requirements and comply with all rules and duties in society. If you make it natural and is free will be in balance. If you live in this way will you take part of dao, meaning way. It is the road that leads to harmony, as the entire Taoism stands for.
The popular Taoism is what Taoism came to mean the usual människ- hands. In the folk Daoism so pray and sacrifice to the hundreds of gods and spirits. They see, inter alia, Lao Zi as a god and pray to him, just as they do with the other gods.
We think that Daoism is a special religion that is different from many other religions, yet has much in common with Buddhism.
What we think is great with Daoism is the philosophical part. That we believe many could use without having to belong to a particular religion. It gives a good message and give people help to find their own way of living and feeling good. Dao means road and symbolizes the way to go through life. It is a good way to live on and gives people a sense.
We also think that freedom in this religion is good. Everyone has a free choice and everyone must believe in what and how they want. This relationship between man and God creates a clear feeling that can lead to the harmonious dao.

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