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Computer and some history

A computer is an automatic machine for computation and symbolic processing. The term refers almost always a digital, electronic computer whose operations are controlled by a computer's memory stored program.
The first Swedish designation were Computing Machines (popularly also "electronic brain"), in the 1950s added the term numerical machine, and in the early 1960s launched data that shortening of the data machine. Each of these terms has now largely been replaced with that of Börje Langefors suggested word computer, which is Swedish standards.

PC and Mac

PC stands for Personal Computer (PC) and is the most widely used type of computers.
I have a PC at home an IBM Aptiva G50 to be exact. It was purchased 1995-1996 and is getting quite old now. I also have Internet access to my PC.
Another type of computers are Mac (Macintosh), with I know nothing about and it's not that interesting.

Software and hardware

Software or software is a generic term for programs to your computer such as Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer.
Hardware or Hardware is the collective name for the equipment, such as printers modems, and monitor.


CD-ROM stands for Compact Disc Read Only Memory. The contents of a CD-ROM can be many megabytes (MB) and can only be viewed on a computer with CD-ROM drive as the Most computers nowadays. In a CD-ROM, there may be games, applications and more.

Internet and e-mail

The Internet is like a vast library where there is lots of information scattered on different websites. There are lots of websites. The Internet can be accessed only through a computer. WWW URLs stands for World Wide Web.
In order to use the Internet, you need besides a computer, a modem, a telephone, an Internet account and a web browser. A modem is a thing that you use to connect to the Internet. The modem speed determines how fast it goes online. There are many types of modems include a 28.8 K, 56.6 K and ISDN. My modem to my computer is a 3COM US Robotics modem with speed 56.6 K. I have an Internet service provider Tele2.
You also need a web browser. A good browser which I think is the best is Internet Explorer. Most people use Internet Explorer. Another browser is Netscape Communicator.
On the net you can do much more than simply searching for information you can chat. Chatting is a way to teach earn new people.
Another way to communicate via the Internet is by e-mail (electronic mail) or by email as it is also called. You can use an email program to send emails and it is much cheaper than sending standard letters. The only thing that cost is the time when you are online. It costs about as much per minute while talking on the phone.
A good e-mail program that I use myself and would recommend to others is Outlook Express, which can be downloaded online along with the Internet Explorer browser and some other programs for network eg FrontPage Express that you can make your own website with. The programs are free to download.
If you do not use an email program, there are places online where you can get free e-mail and can check their e-mail, for example Hotmail.com where I have two email addresses even though I have a different address as I got to pick myself with my ISP Tele2.
You can send mail to anyone who has an email address, for example, relatives and friends. If you want to, you can print e-mails provided that you have a printer to print it on.

Computer Animation

Computer animation is the production of moving images using a computer. Separating the animation with computer assistance and animation where the images created entirely in a computer.
Animation with computer assistance is widely used for mass-produced animation meant for TV market.
Animation where the images created entirely with a computer is becoming more and common. I've seen 3 pc computer animated films. All are produced jointly by Disney and Pixar. The movies are Toy Story (1995 *), A Bug's Life (1998 *) and Toy Story 2 (1999 *).
Toy Story 2, I saw 5/2 of the year. It was amazing .. They were using the computer include creation of dust that looked almost really like. I believe that computer animation will develop more and more and more and more films will be made on computers.
* Production
Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft's market-leading software for PC.
Microsoft's operating system for the PC called Windows. Examples of software from Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer.
Important dates
• April 4, 1975: Microsoft based
• January 1979: The company moves from Albuquerque, NM to Bellevue, WA
• June 25, 1985: Microsoft becomes a limited company.
• August 12, 1981: IBM announces its personal computer with Microsoft's 16-bit operating system, MS-DOS 1.0
• February 26, 1986: Microsoft moves to its new headquarters, called campus in Redmond, Washington, outside of Seattle.
• March 13, 1986: Microsoft is listed on the Nasdaq
• May 22, 1990: Microsoft launches Windows 3.0
• August 24, 1995: Microsoft announces the global launch of Windows 95th
• September 4, 1995: Microsoft launches Windows 95 in Swedish
• December 7, 1995: Bill Gates announces Microsoft's focus on the Internet.
• June 25, 1998: Microsoft implements a global launch of Windows 98th
• June 4, 1999: Microsoft launches Office2000 in Swedish
• November, 1999: Microsoft shares included in the Dow Jones index
• 17 February 2000: Windows 2000 launched

Bill Gates

Data Genius William (Bill) H. Gates was born 28/10, 1955 in Seattle, USA. He is the world's richest man and is good for 765 billion according to recent polls.
Recently notice that he hands over the head of the chair in his life's work, computer giant Microsoft, for his childhood friend Steve Ballmer, 42. Bill Gates will continue to just dedicate themselves to develop new software and therefore can devote more time to his family, his wife Melissa and their daughter Jennifer Katharine .

Windows is Microsoft's operating system for the PC.

The history of Windows will start in November 1983 when Microsoft presents Windows as a graphical shell of Dos, which had reached version 2. So it was a long time ago. Apple had begun selling Lisa with a much more advanced interface. IBM came with its XT and Compaq debuted with a notebook PC.
Microsoft promised to deliver Windows in April 1984. It was not until the autumn of 1985 before it popped up a few floppies. Delays have since followed Windows.
Useful became the first Windows version 3.0, which came in spring 1990. Two years later it was time for the first beta version of a completely new system. It had its roots in the wrecked collaboration between IBM and Microsoft on OS2 and it was named New Technology (NT). The debut took place in spring 1993 at the Fair Windows World in Atlanta.
Then came Windows 95 for regular users in 1995. NT 4.0 came in late summer 1996 and in October could be the project manager Jim Allchin put 3500 programmers to work on alpha code to NT 5.0. A first beta version was done almost a year later and further 12 months later came number two. The problems were of the caliber that Microsoft decided on yet another beta round. The same year saw Windows 98 for regular users.
In autumn 1998, changed its name NT to Windows 2000. The name change increased the doubt that Microsoft would have time to deliver before the millennium. The winter passed and beta number three was not completed until February but came out in April.
It was not until September, when there came a Release Candidate 2, followed by a three candidate in November. Now nailed it also has a new delivery targets for the first quarter of 2000. 1999 came Windows 98 Second Edition for mainstream users.
Delivery goal entertained and February 17, 2000 released Windows 2000. Admittedly, the price of the famous 63,000 "defects", but they are said to be less than expected and will be removed in the next version. And before that, it upgrades and bug fixes as it usually does.
The next version of the Windows 9x series for ordinary users has the working title "Millennium" and is a sequel to Windows 98th
- It will be the last version of the 9x series and now most of the 16-bit code purged. The product is much more stable than Win98, but it's Win95 users will notice the biggest difference, says Per-Olof Litby, Microsoft's product manager for client operating systems.
"Millennium" is released in the summer of 2000.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Microsoft's browser that can display websites when you are connected to the worldwide web, the Internet.
The latest version of Internet Explorer is 5.0 something and this year will be version 5.5.
I think quite clearly that Internet Explorer is the best browser for it is simple to use and because it is the fastest.

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