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Computers - basic

Module 1: General IT skills are things you should know about computers such as what divides
a supercomputer to a mainframe. It may also be what makes an operating system. Or if different printers eg what a matrix printers are and what a laser printer is. It may even be the all the different things in the computer processor, motherboard, graphics card, etc. Module 2: Operating system and file management (Windows XP, Windows Explorer, the file extensions)

The operating system (OS): The operating system is one or more programs that you do not see yourself, but if it were not there, would not the computer work! The operating system manages the computer, run the program and tell it what to do. OS also handles file management.

File Management: File management is when the operating system is running a program such as Word, but for the operating system to know which application file to run in the file must have an extension. File extensions can be ".doc" that allows you to start Word, ".xls" that allows Excel starts, ".exe" that starts the program.

Explorer: The Explorer is just what it sounds like. Exploring the PC for applications, documents or other things. You reach it by Start.menyn - All Programs - Accessories - Windows Explorer (in Windows XP).

Module 3: Word Processing (Word)

Word processing programs are programs that handle words (texts). Word is one of those where you write the homework, stories, well, almost anything. Word is a very good program one can add images to the text, eg

Module 6: Presentation (Power Point)

Presentations made in Power Point which connects the images, sound and text, and adds effects so that the end result is a good-looking product.

Module 7: Information and communication (Internet and E-mail)

The Internet is a very good, because you can use it to search for information, make appointments, play games, etc. E-mail is also a good tool to send messages without any jams, but be careful so that no viruses or hackers entering .

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