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Computer Knowledge

1. Name three anti-virus software.

McAfee, F - Secure and Norton.

2. There are three steps to help protect your computer, Which?

Antivirus, firewall, encryption of the data ... ie that encodes it is written that no one without the proper encryption key can read text.

3. What is meant by search engines, significantly less than 6 Internet search engines

Search engines are used to find information on the Web. Examples: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Hotbot, and Lycos.

4. What is datalag, explain information act?

Information Act came in 1973. It is designed to protect the individual's integrity [1] in relation to his fellow men and to some extent also
agencies. The current Information Act came in 1992 and a few more
changes came into effect on January 1, 1995. Now it works on a new
proposal for a new datalag to be coordinated with the EU. Data Protection Act applies
solely for the personal data file is stored on, for example a diskette or
hard drive. The subjects to be identified in any way to the
be counted as a personal data such as name and address.

5. Write about Swedish computer history.

A computer is a machine for automatic calculation and symbol treatment. The term refers almost always a digital, electronic computer whose operations are controlled by a computer memory stored programs.
The first Swedish name was math machine (popularly also "electronic brains"), in the 1950s, added the term numerical machine, and in early 1960 launched data abbreviation of machine data. All these terms have now largely been replaced with that of Börje Langefors suggested word computer, which is the Swedish standard.

6. Compare the data and computer.

A computer: A computer is an advanced, electronic machine that performs data processing:
The reading data, writing data, sort data, make calculations, and more.
With the data is meant numbers, letters and special characters.

Data means the information.

7. Explain how you show the volume icon in the taskbar.

Clicking on the Start menu, Control Panel, Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices, then click but the icon volume icon in the taskbar.

8. What is the hard disk data on your computer?

The hard drive is all information saved

9. Explain how you measure up hard disk space. How much space is now available in your hard drive?

You click on Local Disk (C :) properties and you will see how much used space and free space. There are 30.4 GB of free space.

10. Give the acronym for the hard drive.


11. Name at least three ways to view the IP address.

You click on the network connection available on either control panel or the taskbar. Then click on support and there are IP - address. You can also click the drive, open CMD and then you get the command prompt, typing "ipconfig" there and then get the IP - address. Online www.whatismyip.com

12. Mention an email programs available in Windows.

Outlook Express

13. Mention an email programs available in Microsoft Office.

Office Outlook

14. What is IP - address?

IP - address stands for Internet Protocol, and that means the key to the Internet.

15. Name at least three methods of storage media in computers.

CD, DVD, Hard Drive and MP3.
16. Using Movie Maker to create a film about ergonomics, your name must come at the end of the film. The film will include music and at least 8 images. The film aims to explain what is meant by ergonomics.

17. What are text applications are now available in your computer?

Microsoft Word, Notepad, and WordPad
18. What is a pointing device? Insert an image pointing device.
19. The pointing device is meant mouse.

20. What is the desktop?

The desktop is this place that comes first when you start the computer, the desktop is a program that contains some files or folders.

21. Display the keyboard on the desktop, explain how?

Start button, All Programs, Accessories, tools, and then click on the screen keyboard.

22. Name at least four audio programs on your computer.

Windows Media Player, Real One Player, Winap and iTunes.

23. Explain how the internet speed can be tested.

Internet speed saturation = 141 kbit / s (www.kommunicera.umea.se)
Internet speed saturation = 297 kbps (http://myspeed.visualware.com/voip/index.html)

24. What types of images are computer literacy, compare between types


25. Mention unit of sound on your computer.

DB = Decibels

26. What is Internet Television?

Name at least two websites that have TV online.
With Internet TV means that one can watch TV directly through the Internet, two web pages that have TV http://mediahopper.com/portal.htm and www.witv.com

27. Name one method of saturating the Internet speed, write down your IP - address and Internet speed.

One enters the www.kommunicera.umea.se, my IP - address is and my internet speed is 297 kbps.

28. What is meant by the following words:

Website A unique address for a document available on the Internet.
Home page The Web page that is selected will be displayed when you start your browser.
Search engine software that makes it possible to seek information on the Internet.
Surfing Watching hypertext documents and follow the links contained in them
URL An HTML document located on a site

29. What is the change?

This means that we can represent 256 characters, with one change.

30. How many pieces are available in 4 bytes?

32 pieces of 4 x 8

31. What is the binary numbers, in which part of the computer readable binary numbers?

Binary numbers are zeros and ones and they are stored in the processor.

32. Name two packaging programs.

WinZip and WinAce

33. Using Microsoft Word, write down:

I am ready to be a student at Cambridge College now, but I am not sure on Which programs must I go.
Save the file, how much space will take the file in your hard drive?
19.5 kb
Download WinRAR program.
Unzip the file and type the file space on the HD.
22.2 kb

34. A computer 32 bit pixel. Count computer shades.

Answer 2 32 different color shades

35. Give the full name for RGB.

Colors in your computer: abbreviations for Red, Green and Blue

36. Explain the purpose of the system data in the computers.

When defragementerar computer and old files are deleted, using the system, you can restore everything back again.

37. Explain the auto-start task.

Its task is to start a program directly automatically after the computer boot.

38. What is the address book? Which software contains the address book?

Managing contacts and search for people and businesses using directory services.

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    '9. Explain how you measure up hard disk space. How much space is now available in your hard drive?

    You click on Local Disk (C :) properties and you will see how much used space and free space. There are 30.4 GB of free space. "There is no C partion in GNU / Linux

    "29. What is changing?

    This means that we can represent 256 characters of a change. "You will probably want to include why a byte is 8 and not 13 binary

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