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The three religions

Subject: Religion
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Christianity is the religion that most people in Sweden who have been here for 1,000 years. Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God. They also believe that God is in the world in three different ways: as the Father (Creator of the world), the Son (Jesus,) and Spirit (an invisible force). The Father, the Son and the Spirit are not three different gods but different aspects of God.

Jesus is the most important person in Christianity. Those who are Christian says that he is the Son of God and that God sent him to help people and tell them about God's message. God had promised the people to send a King, the Messiah, to help them and many Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah but everyone disagrees.

Another important figure in Christianity is Paul. Paul was originally a man who thought that Christians were "wrong" beliefs. But one day when he was on his way to Damascus to persuade people to correct and tell us that Christianity was a mistake to believe he heard the voice of Jesus. After that Jesus talked to him changed his outlook on life and he changed completely lifestyle. He began to travel around the world and tell people about Christianity and Jesus' message. He received many questions about how Jesus' message would be interpreted. In Paul's answers to the questions became the doctrine of Jesus as the Messiah explained and written down for the first time. Through some letters that Paul wrote he also made Christianity to their own religion. Within Christianity there are also role models such as Mother Theresa and Saints as St. Bridget.

The services within Christianity takes place in the church and going there and listening to the priest preaches and some other things. The main worship in Christianity is on Sundays because they believe that Jesus rose on a Sunday .. The worship service is called morning service. It is the priest who leads worship services.

Some of the important festivals of Christianity are: Advent, Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day. Advent is celebrated for that you should show that you are waiting for the time when Jesus was born. Christmas celebrates Jesus was born. Easter is celebrated as a reminder that Jesus was betrayed, went to prison, was hanged on the cross and then rose from the dead. Easter containing different days for each of the items. Ascension show that Jesus after being resurrected wandered around for 40 days and showed himself to those who believed in him, then he was taken to heaven by God.


Judaism is the oldest of the three religions. Most of the Jews living in the US or Israel. The Jews also believe only that there is a God, and they believe that people and God has both rights and obligations towards each other. In the Jewish Bible says that the Jews have made a covenant with God. In Judaism, the idea that there is only one god very important. They also believe that God created the world.

Moses is another important figure in Judaism. God gave Moses a mission, Moses' mission was to free the Israelites from Pharaoh, and let them wander to the land that God promised them, Abraham's homeland. Moses always relied on God and the Israelites' journey to the homeland closed his god a new covenant with Moses. God gave Moses the Torah, that is the law. This covenant sign is the two stone tablets with the "Ten Commandments". Because Moses relied so much on God and defended the union against all those who wanted to break it, he is regarded as a great prophet and a religious role model. After Moses came even other prophets and the most famous of them was Elijah the prophet.

A jew worship can really be held anywhere but the Jewish equivalent of the church's Synagogue. But if you want you can keep the service at home. The only requirement is that 10 Jewish men are with. But usually it can be a little difficult to collect as many people at home so most of the time you go to the Synagogue. The synagogue is not only a place of worship but one can also study there and ask private prayers. The leading worship services at the synagogue called Rabbi.

Some of the Jewish feasts is Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah and Passover. Shabbat (Sabbath) is celebrated every week, then resting the Jews as God rested on the seventh day when he created the world. Shabat will be a break in the daily life of the soul and its development. Rosh Hashana (New Year's Day) is the Jewish New Year's Day. According to the Jews created the world in the day when they celebrate Rosh Hashanah, in September or October.


Islam is the largest of the three religions. Most Muslims are in Asia and Africa, but also in other places. Muslims believe in: "There is no god but God." They believe that God created the world and the people in it. In order to live "right" in Islam must follow God's will. Muslims believe that Islam is the original and natural religion, and that it always existed.

An important figure in Islam is Muhammad. Muhammad was the last prophet, he was a prophet of God. He perfected God's message to the people through his mediation Quran. But Muslims believe not only that Muhammad conveyed the Quran, they also believe that he was "the living Quran."

Another important person is Fatima. Fatima was the daughter of Mohammed. She was the only one of his children who survived and were therefore important in Islam. She is a great role model for many Muslim women-s. They are a symbol called "Hamsa", it puts many Muslims in eg door and it is said to protect against evil forces.

A Muslim must pray five times each day. It spreads out the five times of that throughout the day at various times to think of God. They pray on a special mat that is called prayer mat. Before asking washes, among other hands, feet and ears. When you pray, you must be facing towards Mecca because it is Islam's most important place. A prayer takes about three minutes. The Muslim God called the local Mosque and Muslim clerics called Imams.

Some festivals in Islam Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr and pilgrimage. Ramadan is a great feast in Islam. During Ramadan fasts all adults and healthy Muslims. This means that from the sun to rise to the going down not eat anything. During Ramadan, Muslims must also donate money to those who need it. Eid al-Fitr is a festival that concludes Ramadan. It lasts for 3-4 days and is a bit like our July They give each other gifts and gather together. The feast is often abbreviated as "Eid". The pilgrimage is another very important holiday in Islam. The pilgrimage takes place at a certain time every year and every Muslim should make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. The goal of the journey is the Kaaba in Mecca Masjid, the principal mosque in Islam. During pilgrimage pray, among other prayers and more.

In order so are the Jews oldest 3,000 years, Christians about 2000 years old and Islam 1400 years ago.


One thing that was the same on all the different religions was that everyone just believed in a God and that he has created the world and mankind. But how can they be so sure of that? They did not exist when the world was created so no one can know for sure so really think they're just on what they have heard and it is a bit strange, I think of that would be the same as if someone said something to me that I knew was not true but just because someone said it to me so I would think that it was so.

Another similarity was that everyone thought that the belief that there is only one God is very important. But you can not know that there is a God at all. Some say that God has spoken to them and say different things but it's just some people who heard it and how can everyone else be so sure of that? And if that is so that God exists then it should be very many gods because all religions believe in different gods. It seems a bit awkward and rather strange that people can believe as much of one thing that they believe everything someone says. Eg In Judaism it is said that God spoke to Abraham and that he then spread God's message but why all believed in him? How did the Court that he was not lying?

In all religions, it was also very important to live "right" and that God wants you to live. But the same thing here how God wants really to live? It is also such a thing as some just said and others just believed in.

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