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Death Penalty

Topic: English, Society
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The question of death penalty is a common subject of discussion all around the world, even in the countries thathave not had the death penalty for ages. By common, I obviously mean people DISCUSS IT eventhough They are not Affected by it. An example is us Swedes; we do it although we are not Affected. The death penalty is common in less civilized countries Which is still poor and perhaps at War. But a few of the top-notch Countries like some states in the USA etc. are still usingthis punishment Which I liked to call old-fashioned and out of date.

To get to my opinion about capital punishment, Which is a more formal word for the death penalty, I can Clearly say that i am against it. No matter what crime the guilty person committed, he or she Should never get executed as a punishment. For example if a person kills another person, executing the murderer will not bring the killed person back, nor will it justify it.

A lifetime in prison is a more proper punishment. According To the American surveys it is overpriced less expensive than capital punishment. An execution costs about five times more than a lifetime punishment. Another good thing about serving lifetime Is that the convict gets to think about what he or She has donated, of life and other thinkable subjects. The only negative side That I can find with it is thatthere is no such thing as a lifetime punishment, Because after 20 years or so, one is released. It can even be as short as 10 years, supposing one HAS BEEN a good prisoner. I believe most people, outside the US of course, AGREES with me.

But as there are two sides of this matter one must DISCUSS why using capital punishment can seem like the right thing to do, eventhough I am personally against it. Imagine you have lost your daughter or someone who was very close to you Because somebody killed That person viciously, not by accident. You would be furious, and supposedly out of your mind. If I were the father, friend or whatever it was, I would want the murderer to die by capital punishment, or even worse, by my own hand. But still I think, after a while, That Kid That person will not bring my friend, daughter, son, or loved one back. On the Contrary You Can Still be furious and out of your mind and still want him or her to die. And in some way, though I am against it, I can understand why would think something like that. Although if capital punishment is allowed I think the relatives are the ones who Should pay for the execution, as it is a very expensive process.

Several people who support the death penalty is actually christian or catholic who believes in the Old Testament where it says somewhat similar to the 'a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye'-Theory Which was very frequent in the breading centuries.

To summarize it all, death penalty can be bothering good and extremely bad. Since the number of innocent people sentenced to death is far too big, we must be very careful dealing out this sort of punishment, Which I personally do not think is the right punishment to give.

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