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Democracy and Dictatorship

Topic: Society
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If we begin to take up Stalinism and Nazism so you see many similarities both how they worked and their leaders. Hitler and Stalin, two very strong leaders who abused their power.
Hitler and Stalin were both raised in poor families, both of their fathers had a drinking problem and abused his sons, and two had no siblings who were in life. They were good in school but joined fast to the policy when they are not taking any exam.
Both tried to highlight their country out of severe financial difficulties but did so in a very negative sätt.Genom propaganda, it was very easy for them to brainwash people and take power over the country, by taking away the freedom of press and freedom of expression could easily control the entire country because it was the only information people could get hold of. Those who rebelled against Stalin's new reform, they bulldozed out of the way by burning down entire villages, killing people, and all the cattle. It put millions of people in large labor to bring the Soviet Union into an industrial country.

Hitler joined the German army during the First World War and he was a valiant warrior, he did not like the First World War was over, but he and his party blamed the Jews for the economic difficulties that existed after the First World War. Since Hitler was a good speaker so did the NSDAP several followers and eventually became the NSDAP the largest party in Germany, and Hitler became chancellor. Soon, he took away all the other parties so only the NSDAP was left, so that Stalin killed all his take on opponents who were a threat to him.
Hitler wanted to recreate the big Germany that previously existed before the First World War and he began to kill and put the Jews and other "racially inferior" people in labor camps.

What you do not hear so much is that millions of people died in the so-called "five-year plan" as Stalin put, at least not as much as one learns about the Holocaust, although the numbers are the same if not worse.

For us to maintain our democracy, we must all be active and vote when there are elections, one can eg view on elections in France in the year in which the right-wing party had been very active voter to produce Le Pen as president while Chirac's voters were oaktiva and then you can risk getting a president that you really do not want in the country.
Democracy in order to survive, every person entitled to vote so they can maintain their liberties, it is not possible to ignore the policy then so maybe one day you wake up in a frightening dictatorial world.

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