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The Chosen One

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Monotone, that is society, where the book is set, is based on everyone to be equal and everything to be fair. Researchers even manipulate genes for the people to look the same. Residents of monotonous lives for society and everyone has a purpose from birth. Jonas is a twelve year old boy who is about to find out his mission, his job when the book begins.
He is elected to the memory keepers. It is very special because there is only a memory preserver. None of monotone really know what minnesbevararen do, just what it does is very important. Jonas was chosen because he was obviously brave, wise and had the ability to see beyond. Eventually you realize that it is the ability to discern colors and then see them all the time.

Of the former minnesbevararen, called the donor, the Jonas memories of the old days. The old time is what we live in now, at least our world. This time seen by monotonous as a horrible time where everything was chaos and disorder. The memories are both good and painful. Heat, cold, weather, famine, war, love, music, and last but almost strangest, the colors get Jonas take part in for the first time. All that has been removed because, according to society, making life on the whole better for everyone. Receiving a memory of a broken leg means that Jonas has to go through the pain of himself when he receives the memory. That's why it takes courage to be the memory keepers. The memories will Jonas preserve all his life and not share with anyone. It will be his job. When Jonas get in touch with their true feelings, it turns out that he is not suited for the profession as he leaves the monotony. I would have done the same.

The first thing that strikes me is how to stifle emotions, the vital as love and sexual thrust. I find it very strange that it goes against the laws of nature ...
Even when I realize it is clear to me that society is sick and totally impossible to live in, for a person without mental disorders. Then it is also clear that it is a fictional world that can never be true.

In the very beginning, one can get the impression that it is an idyllic society where violence, poverty, prejudice and injustice do not exist. Then you will see people like robots to me. They have absolutely no vision of life, but will only accept life as it is and just do everything that they have been tasked to do. It is not only unnatural but also degrading to the human race. We will honor the diversity and differences. I would be extremely bored of monotonous, mainly because people are so spineless. They can not be anything else, given the little knowledge they have compared to a "normal" man. The book runs things too far, it becomes too unreal and exaggerated. One such control this society can not be created, we humans are too rebellious. The people have no idea what they are missing. They live in reality where they think they are living the ultimate happy life and that's all that matters.

Family unit is assembled in groups of four people: a couple with a son and a daughter. There is a rule that clearly shows the lack of freedom to choose.

I am someone who always start thinking about practical issues about how society works. Some things I've wondered about that it does not appear so clearly in the book. It is about ordinary life. What children learn in school? What are the jobs for the adults? Will birth mothers vitro fertilized? If they do not, they have they have the the knowledge they need to keep secret from the rest of the population.
All history of our world and the animals, students can not learn. Nor did they learn geography and astronomy, and the like. All residents had jobs, they brought up the birth mothers, nurses, different teachers, elderly caregivers, judges, senior committee determines, matutdelare and laborer. What more could there be? To me there seems to be enough jobs for so many people. There are also many ordinary work in our world that is not there. Apparently not growing community so few construction workers there can not be. Strange that a boy would become an architect then!

Since the book will take place in the future there should be birth mothers vitro fertilized. If they know what it is supposed to go to so they can not tell the rest of the people.

At each dinner, family members talk about their feelings for the other. The book describes how Lily (Jonas Sister) is upset for children who break the rules on the playground and how the mother is worried about a fall at work. They do not seem to hang on to feelings for too long, so they can not be very serious. The deep feelings are as I say not.
What makes a man is the ability to love. The people of the book scares me in their callousness.

The word liberation has a beautiful meaning, both in our world and in Jonas's world.
All people of monotone think it is something wonderful when they bid farewell to the old ones on the liberation ceremony. Afterwards, the person seems to be forgotten altogether and a new baby, the deceased's name. Yes, the deceased, to liberation is nothing but an execution. None seem to die of old age. It is precisely when Jonas learns the true meaning of liberation as he takes the decision to leave monotonous. The idea of ​​the word liberation is pretty clever. Leaving Earth is a relief from the limited body.

Jonas has his two friends Fiona and Asher as he used to play with at school and in the little free time they have. They seem like they're on the bikes in the community and playing ball and such. They are like children, they have no deeper relationships, but probably just talking about things that are relevant right now.
I also thought about how it is with physical contact in the community. Spontaneous hugs and stuff seems to not exist. Touch is vital and I from our world could not do without it.

In all families' houses, there is an encyclopedia and a thick rulebook. You can not prove a little proud of himself. It's bragging. Using the correct language is a rule. The punishment for children when using the wrong word means punishment. You can not leave the house at night and yes, almost everything there rules. They do not take up the punishment for offenders, but they mention that you can be kicked out of the community.

To sum it all up, there are both good and bad points raised in The Chosen. It always depends on what you compare with. For me, a strange monotonous place where nothing ever changes in an unemotional environment. For residents, it is a safe and peaceful society that gives them everything they need.

Isabella Selin Norén

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