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The past

Subject: Swedish
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I sat me bolt upright in bed. Heart was pounding fast in my chest. Had I heard right? Was it shot? I noticed that David also awakened.
- Did you hear that too? ...
His brown hair was standing in all directions. He nodded dumbly. I crept out of bed and reached for my robe that always hung on the hook in the closet. It was not there. Confused, I went out into the hall. I heard the shower was on and started walking towards the bathroom. I glanced out the window as I walked past. I stayed up. A man ran out of a car and opened the door to the driver's seat. He looked up and met my gaze. He got a shocked shine in his eyes and stared at me. We stared at each other for what seemed like minutes but in reality was only about a few seconds. He had dark brown, medium-length, curly hair was about average, and maybe 20-25 years. His eyes were dark brown and sparkled with anger. He winced and pulled himself together before he jumped into the car and drove away into the road, so it screamed on the tires. Surprised by this, I went to the bathroom. The bathroom door was open and the water vapor met me at the door. I breathed in the heavy air. That's it! My sister Ellen had slept on the couch at night, then they put a new floor in her apartment, it was of course as she showered. My glasses were in the mist up totally now. I took off my them and wiped them on the shirt. Why did Ellen door open as she showered? I knocked gently on the door. I felt the wet wood against my knuckles.
- Ellen, are you there? I asked.
No answer. I peeked into the bathroom.
- Ellen? I said a little louder.
Still no answer. The yellow shower curtain was still untouched. The mirrors in the bathroom was fogged by water vapor and the white tiles full of tiny water droplets. I walked over to the tub and pulled out a piece of drapery. A pair of feet were visible. They did not move. I pulled away the curtain. I started screaming. I screamed and screamed. David came storming. He gasped and pulled me from the bathroom. He pressed my head against his muscular chest and so were we. The sight that had met me when I pulled aside the curtain is almost indescribable. Ellen low in the tub. Shot with multiple shots in the stomach and in the head. Her green eyes that was otherwise full of life and joy were wide and dull and her finely-forming mouth was half open, revealing a stripe of her perfect teeth. The blood that flowed from her body oozed down into the tub and down the avloppet.Polisen came faster than expected and suddenly had my safe home turned into a crime scene of a murder. Not just a murder, but the murder of my sister. First, the location was a young police officer in 25 years of age. He seemed so excited to have committed a murder that I could not talk to him. His eyes were full of anticipation. He went back and forth, looked at the body a number of times before the police chief showed up. I sat on the stairs outside with David sheltered arms around my shoulders. Tears streamed down my cold cheeks and entrusted the heat as the sun gave off, my whole body trembled uncontrollably. I tried to sort out my thoughts. What was it that had happened? I wiped my tears on one his sleeve. It could just be the man from the car! It must have been! I described the painstaking skill of Police. I stopped all the time when the tears overflowed. Normally, I would have been very embarrassed to cry in public, but just at the time it did not feel like it was time to think so. I thought the man had some sort of scar or mark on the neck too, I said. Then I come to the station to do a criminal profile. They drove me in the police car. The seats were warm and soft. Employment during the half-hour long journey was fiddling with a loose thread from the seat. I did not know how I would react. Ideally, I wanted to throw myself on the floor and scream and cry like when I was five years old. I remember when I was five and had lost my beloved dog that I had had in my entire life. He had been hit. Then I could just throw myself on the floor and scream. Mom and dad came and held me in its warm safe arms and comforted me. I did not work all that when I was five, now when I was twenty-seven.
Since I worked as a prosecutor, I knew little about what to do and what they needed to know, so it all went pretty fast. I fell into a taxi when it was ready and went home to my parents' house.
The whole day was like a fog ever. I did everything automatically and was quiet most of the time. Most of the time I sat in an armchair in the living room. Paralyzed, staring in front of me. When David and I finally fell into bed that night at home with my mom, we were completely exhausted. But I could not sleep. I lay writhing on me and every time I closed my eyes, I was greeted by Ellen's face. The dull eyes looked straight at me and her lips formed silent words "help me". I could not stand not having been able to save my sister. I had always been jealous of Ellen. She had always been the better of us. Beautiful, extremely beautiful, a good student and popular in all circles. As my sister, she had always been in the center and it made me less worthy in my parents' eyes. Though she had been so perfect, she had always been there for me. She had defended me and always been there and now, when she had needed me, I was not with her. I had been asleep while someone brutally murdered her. I crept out of bed and down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Where I was down in the kitchen in my nightgown and with a glass of water in his hand and looked out of the window, I remembered the man from the car. Who was he? How could he do something like this? I thought for a long moment. I had never been particularly interested in cars, but I remember that he had a blue Volvo ... What were your numbers ... 4 ... 2 ... 7 ... no 4, 2 ... 5 yes 5 was! And bending the letters were FAK. FAK 425 ... a Volvo. I went and picked up the phone and dialed the number to the registration office. What if I could find out who owned the car.
- FAK, 425, I said and listened intently.
- Johannes Lindström, Åkersbergsvägen 16. 031-55 43 69 said a mechanical voice from the other end of the phone. I wrote down on a small block and hung up. Then I set up my brown mid-length hair in a ponytail and started walking back and forth in the kitchen. Was Johannes Lindström who had murdered my sister? No. The killer may not have been so stupid to use his own car. It might have been stolen ... or borrowed? Perhaps this Johannes any personal contact with my sister that I did not know? My eyes began to fill with tears again. I squeezed her eyes shut. I would not cry! I had never been such as crying, and I was not going to see me weak. I was not weak! Not even when I was nine years old and broke his arm, I cried. I did not cry. End of story. I took a deep breath, picked up the phone again and called to the police station.
- Jonna current, central police station. Answered a young voice from the other side.
I swallowed and then took the floor.
- Hello, I'm wondering if a Volvo with registration FAK 425 has been reported stolen?
- Wait a minute, I'll check it out ... the woman said a little surprised. The time was one in the morning.
I started to suck on a strand of hair that had fallen down from the tassel, which I used when I became nervous.
- No, it is not reported stolen.
- Okay, thanks anyway ... I answered and hung up.
I scratched my head thoughtfully. If it was stolen, how was it? I sighed. It was up to the police now, I could not do anything ... It was not good for me, I thought. I was always a person who refused to release things until it was cleared up. I did not want to become involved in the investigation, I was already too emotional. I walked resolutely up to bed and after a few hours of wrenching, I fell asleep from exhaustion.

I close at five thirty the next morning. I could hear David's snuff from the other side of the bed. I was wide awake. At first I could not remember where I was, but then I remembered. The images flashed through my head. Man, Ellen, blood ... I got up out of bed. Now I had changed my mind. I would not let Ellen's killer being on the loose. I went and called the police chief who asked me out. He had given me his business card, in case I would come up with something else. The signals went up. Eventually responded a drowsy voice.
- Komisarie Nilsson.
- Hey, it's Sandra Oak here. I am the sister of Ellen Ek.
- Yes, I do ... What can I do for you?
- I wonder how you will resolve this situation. I would very much like to be kept up to date on everything that happens, I myself have worked as a lawyer and know how to handle this stuff. I want you to call me as soon as you find out something new.
- Yeah ... uh ... It is not legal to tell you everything. He replied gently.
I loosened not him.
- Thank you, Have a good day. I replied simply.
I hung up and went upstairs and put on my clothes as quietly as I could. Then I sat down at the computer and searched. Nothing special about any John Lindstrom. I decided to go and visit John. He should know where the car had gone ... I got to work and made breakfast for the others, and at half past seven, everything was ready and everyone started to wake up. They were happy to come up to a set table, but my mom gave me a worried look before we sat down and ate scrambled eggs and omelette with toast. We ate in silence. When we finished up, I started washing dishes. Mom came and stood beside and helped to dry.
- How are you? she asked sadly.
I was quiet. I had become as mute. I did not know what to say. Mom had lost her oldest daughter. The one she always cared most about. I had lost my protector. My beloved sister who always stood up for me and saved me from all the difficult situations I ended up in. I sighed. Mom sighed. Actually, it was just superfluous words. We knew how we felt. It did not feel like sharing the grief with her was the best way. She was already so sad and I could not help her. She could not help me. I wanted to think through everything that happened before I was talking to everyone about it. Otherwise, I would just say a lot of unnecessary things that I did and then had to take it back. That was how it always was when I fought with my mom. I hated her. She had always liked most about Ellen and when we fought I let loose all the things that I so badly wanted to say but could not. But then when you got up again, I was the course had to take back everything I said. My mom and I had never had a good relationship. I instead went up to the room and took out the note with address and telephone number of John Lindstrom and rang.
- John.
- Yes, hello. I'm Sandra Ek. This is so that I wonder if I could get some questions about your car. Is it OK if I come by this afternoon?
- Yes, I'm home by three o'clock this afternoon.
- Thank you. See you then.
- Thank you.
I hung up the phone. It was at least something.

That afternoon, I set out at the quarter for three and managed to ifs and buts arrive at the terraced house as Lindstrom family lived in. I just saw a silver audio stand at the garage, but rang the house. After a while you could hear a few steps and a man of 50 years old opened the door. He had a little graying hair and was a bit wrinkly. He smiled.
- Was it you who called about the car?
- Yes that's right. I replied and smiled back.
He showed me in and we sat down in their living room. He went into the kitchen.
- Would you like a cup of coffee? He asked
- Yes please, I replied. And smiled again.
As we sat on the couch, each with a cup of coffee, I started to ask him about the car. He had a blue Volvo with registration FAK 425, but sold it a month ago. Anyone who had bought the car was a man named Andreas Gidlöv. He seemed really nice and they were really good överränns. Of course they had written on paper and sent in, but now that he thought about it he realized that it was Andrew who said he would put them on the record that he would still pass ... Probably never made it, and so was the car still on John.
I thanked John and went to the nearest internettcafé. I searched for Andreas Gidlöv. It came up addresses to Sonja Gidlöv, so I called and asked if she had no son.
- Hello, I'm Sandra Oak, I wonder if you have a son named Andreas?
I heard a sigh on the other end of the phone.
- Not anymore ... He passed away four years ago.
- Oh .. I'm sorry. Thanks for the help dear. I said and hung up.
I shook my head. How could this be? What did it mean? The man who bought the car died four years ago ... The murderer must have assumed another identity. The more I thought about the man, the more sure I was that I knew him, or had seen him before. I stood resolutely up. I would go home.

When I arrived at the house, I hesitated. It felt like it was an eternity since I was last there. It was just a day and a half ago. I drove slowly into the driveway and shut off the engine. I sat and watched the house. It used to look so peaceful out. Red with white edges, a classic house, as taken from a story. But now the plot shielded with blue and white police tape and there were signs and arrows everywhere. I did not even think of what it looked like inside. But I missed it already. But I knew that I would never want to live there more. Never. It would never work. I could not sleep at night, afraid of what happened to Ellen. But I would miss it. There was one thing that was certain.
Eventually, I took courage and step out of the car. I shivered at the cold wind. Fall began to come, and I only had a thin jacket on me. I pulled it tighter around me and started walking towards the house. I lifted polisavspärrningen over his head and entered the house. My fears came true as soon as I opened the door. This was not my home anymore, it was a crime scene. It was like something out of a crime series on television. I hesitated at the threshold. Then my mobile rang.
- Hello? Vah? I'll be right!
I ran back and out to the car. Jumped in and drove the world speed towards the police station. I ran into the station. Could it be true? I did not believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.
- Here he is. Said a guard for me.
I looked into the interrogation room. There was a wave of relief through my body. They had found him! He would go there for murder! My sister would have peace in her grave!
Komisarie Nilsson came out of the room. He looked bleak. He turned to the guard without adding the mark to me.
- He says nothing. I do not think we have enough evidence against him.
- What's that you say? I exclaimed.
He turned in surprise on.
- Oh, Sandra. I did not mean for you to hear it ... he said, smiling,
But I saw through that smile. It was false. He knew that they would never get enough evidence to convict him. I felt the anger began to boil within me. How did our society? I turned around and ran out to the car. I heard Nilsson called after me, but did not care. I sat in the front seat of the car. Tears of anger fell down my cheeks and fell into my lap. I clenched his fists so tightly that her nails cut into the inside of the hand. I swallowed and wiped my tears. I would not let this happen. Unless the community could help me, I got well take matters into their own hands. I really did not want to Ellen's killer would go loose.
I went home to David and I told him what happened. He hugged me.
- I understand how you feel ... But it can be dangerous to lead its own investigation. You're not a cop!
I backed away and looked up at him.
- What are you saying? Is it that I'll let my sister's murderer to be free?
He sighed.
- No, it was not what I meant! I'm just saying that we should let the police take care of everything so you will not be harmed.
I turned around with her back to him. Actually, I knew he was right, but I did not want to let him know. I wanted so badly.

The next morning I went on maternity leave to shop. She claimed it was the best way to get us to think again. I had never been much for fashion, but now, I appreciated it more than usual. I found several articles of clothing that I liked, but just a blouse that fit. My slim and lean figure had always prevented me from finding great clothes. Admittedly, I had not been so interested either ... When we had walked around for two hours, my mobile rang. I looked at the number. I did not recognize it.
- Hello? It's Sandra.
I screamed. I threw the phone on the cell phone and ran out to the car. Mom cried but I did not have time to explain to her right now. Again, I set off at full speed towards the police station. I was furious! How could the police be so stupid? Now they have released the man who murdered my sister and arrested another man! I knew you it was Andrew who was the murderer! No other bloody strawberry! I rushed into the station again where Komisarie Nilsson met me.
- How could you? I yelled at him.
- We have probable cause to arrest him. He is much more suspect than Andreas Gidlöv.
- I want to meet him. I replied shortly.
He rolled his eyes and brought me in to the room outside the hearing room. I turned to glass. I could not believe it was true. What would this mean? Was this some kind of joke or what? What I saw when I looked through the glass made me speechless. There sat David. My David. Here they had released the man who really killed Ellen and arrested David! My David! I ran to the door to wet the interrogation room and snatched it. It was locked, but I hammered on the door and screamed. There were two guards and carried me out of the room. I struggled and tried to take me away, but they were stronger and refused to let go of my arms. They kept me in a steel grip. They threw me into a room and closed the door. I screamed. I cried all that I could. The cry echoed between the walls. This could not be true! It must be a dream! I pinched my arm. I did not wake up. It was no dream. It was reality. It was the present. Eventually, I had no strength left. I slumped against the wall. The room I was in was bare. It was hard cold concrete walls and no windows or furniture. Only a small lamp lit up the cell. Cell ... It sounded so weird that I was sitting in a cell. No, a room. One room was the best. When I sat in the room for what seemed like hours came Inspector Nilsson recorded. He looked very grim and serious. He stood just inside the door.
- I will now explain to you why your boyfriend David has been arrested with probable cause for the murder of your sister. I prefer that you are low-key as I speak and only speak out when I talked to the point.
I hated him. I wanted to scream at him to fuck off. He and his fucking cared language. It was not a right bastard who talked like that today? But I decided to be quiet, I thought to find out what trifling evidence they had. I nodded.
- Well, before you and David met, he had lived a very hard life. He became a criminal as a child and set a year in prison for drug abuse when he was 16. Then he stole a car, robbed a store, sold drugs and vandalized in safely seven years. A witness heard him and Ellen quarrel that morning that she died. She had discovered that he had a criminal background and confronted him about it. He pushed her out of anger and put her in the shower and turned on the water.
It was too much for me.
- He could not have done! When I woke up the shots he lay next to me in bed!
Nilsson just turned and left. I was so frustrated. What would I do? Now David could not argue with me. If the police do not do anything, well I got to do it!
I started to go to town and sat in a cafe. There I sat with pen and paper, thinking. Andreas Gidlöv ... What was his name before? Additionally, I recognized the man, but did not know from where ... We must have had some sort of contact before this happened ... What was his motive? As I sat there and thought I heard someone exclaim.
- No, but it's not Sandra? Sandra Ek?
I looked up from my paper. There stood.
- Anna! It was a long time ago!
She came up to my table and sat down. She smiled.
- It was really long time ago! What do you do for anything nowadays? She asked cheerfully.
- I work only half-time, I've had problems with anorexia and such. I replied.
- Oh yes. Did she worried.
- But I feel much better now!
- So good to hear, We miss you at the law firm. You were always the one who was happy and positive. We miss your wonderful enthusiasm and everything. Remember when we were working on all these cases? I think I was working every day in the case of Jamie Sanders. She laughed. I smiled and nodded. Then I found it. That was how it was.
- Of course! I exclaimed. I stood up and quickly picked up my things.
- Unfortunately I have to go now. I said and apologized to me. Anna looked like a question mark.
- I'll call you some day so we can go to lunch together. I said and hurried away.

When I arrived it was getting dark. I step out of the car and walked slowly up to the house. Now I would dare enter. It had actually been my home, just a few days earlier. This time I did not hesitate at the threshold but went straight in and into my office. The office was full cluttered with binders and boxes of old cases I worked with when I was a prosecutor. I had always been a person who brought me the job home. I could never let a case I've started on. It was one of the reasons that I had to stop. I had not cared about anything else, was completely engrossed in my work. Forgot to eat and when I took a sandwich, I looked in the mirror and saw a large woman. A fat nasty woman. That was not how I wanted to look like? I always went and threw the sandwich and ate nothing more that evening. That was how my anorexia started and it was not until I fell down as I got help. Against my will. Since then, I had had a long recovery, and now I was working part time in an electronics store. Now I'd have to rummage among forgotten things again. Rota up what I repressed. I missed it more than I wanted to admit, and now I have to go back so many years back. I took a deep breath and began. I went through each case. One by one in turn. I recognized everyone. I got flashbacks and could even say how the case ended without checking the paperwork. I was so tired that I thought I would fall asleep when I saw it. The face that I've seen at the car. The face that belonged to the man who killed my sister. Lennart Palsson. I jumped up with excitement. Though he had done time in prison for ten years and still had five years remaining. My heart sank. I would just add folder back when it fell out a card. It was on Lennart and a boy. On the back of the card it said. 5/13 1997 Father and son, Lennart and Elias. The father and son were incredibly similar. So incredibly similar. So it was after all!
Andreas, or Elijah as he was named in reality. It must be him! But why would he want to kill my sister? He had wanted to take revenge for what I did to his father.
I hurried out of the house. But when I would open the car door to the car, I felt something cold in the back of the head. A gun. I froze.
- Stand still, do not try to escape. Walk slowly into the house. Said a deep voice.
The heart pounded hard in the chest. I gasped for breath. At first, I was arrested a panic but I told myself to remain calm. I tried to reach the cell phone in my pocket. Almost, almost ... I pressed redial. I did not know for sure who it was I had called last, but if I was lucky so ...
- What do you want me? I said rather loudly.
- Quiet. And follow to enter the house. He replied.
- Do not hurt me ... It's in my own home. I do not want to end up like Ellen.
Now I was hoping that someone would hear what I said and understand it and then come to my rescue. If I was lucky so ... We went into the house. I did everything väääldigt slowly. I had never been so scared in my entire life. I could just imagine what he could do with me, and I was completely at the mercy of him. We entered the hall and he closed and locked the door. Then he told me to sit on the couch. I sat down. He stood and grinned with the gun pointed in my direction. He went around and drew the curtains and the blinds. Then he sat in the chair in front of me. I shook. So scared I was.
- So ... Here we are again. He said with an amused tone.
I swallowed.
- Do you know why I'm here? He asked with a cold tone.
- No. I replied. I tried that he would not know how scared I really was.
- I'm sorry about your sister, 'he said, smiling. He continued
You see, it was never my intention to kill her. I had actually been looking forward to seeing her cry at your funeral.
I gasped involuntarily. He smirked at me again.
- Yes, it was actually you I would have killed. When I heard the shower was on and saw that your dressing gown lying on the toilet, I thought you it was you who showered. Could not do well, I know your sister slept over!
It's your fault that my life has been shattered! If my dad had been at my side everything had been different. But you know what? He is not here! He is in heaven. Yes, he committed suicide in prison. He did not stand out. He ... got enough ...
The last words he wheezed out. He was about to start crying.
He wiped his eyes with his dirty shirt. I was quiet, but the tears streaming down my cheeks even though I tried to hold them back. I examined the man in front of me. Hanns hair was stringy and fat. His clothes were worn and dirty, and his shoes had a lot of holes in the sole. He cleared his throat and stood up.
- Now at least you die. Now it's your turn! Now I finally have peace. He bellowed.
I stared at him.
He raised his gun. There was a bang and the door in the hall went up. He looked over at the door. It was the FBI.
- Drop the gun. Ordered the.
I sighed with relief. Elias shook. The tears began to flow down his cheek. He sobbed, clenching his hand on the gun, hard. Hard.
- Trailer Force. Repeated FBI guards.
Elias stood still with the gun in his hand. He met my eyes and they flashed with hatred.
- We do not want anyone to get hurt, just drop the weapon so it goes well. Said one of the guards and took a step closer to Elias.
Then I heard a shot. And then another one. I felt a cold feeling inside of me and looked down at my shirt. It started to seep blood shirt and on the stomach. I fell down. I felt the cold floor against my cheek. I gasped for breath and closed his eyes.

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