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Subject: Biology, Health, Human
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What is doping?

When you take drugs when you improve mental and physical performance artificially. Testosterone and anabolic steroids are the most common, you can take them through syringes, tablets and capsules.

Are dietary supplements a doping?

There are many who believe that you need to take supplements while you work, because you are not getting what they need by eating regular food. But you do not need to take supplements if you eat right. International Olympic Committee did a study of 634 dietary supplements, 94 pcs of dietary supplements contained no doping classed topic. Dietary supplements are for example as a powder that can be mixed with water or milk.

How does this affect the doping community?

Doping was just a sports problem, but now the doping has spread to among other young people. Doping is not just a problem in sports now, society is affected today in the highest degree of doping abuse. All taxpayers lose money on doping abuse such as by violent crime, treatment of mental or physical problems or campaigns for the prevention of doping. This costs taxpayers money, and makes them involuntarily involved in the doping problem. When the doping abuse increases as the police are more to do. Violent crime has risen it has become necessary to spend resources to stop the import of doping substances through tariffs and they try to stop the illegal trafficking and possession of doping substances. The hospitals are also forced to spend resources on the care of patients with mental and physical problems due to doping. The gyms also takes damage from misuse, people are afraid that others will think they dope themselves so they avoid gyms.

What can you do about doping problem?

The community has started to realize that doping problem is growing. You can stop doping by first stopping the supply of the preparations. It is impossible to stop the supply completely, but you could get a severe reduction. But then the state must finance the customs so they can hire more and so on.
One can also provide stiffer penalties for crimes against doping law, today such a crime max give two years' imprisonment. One can also test elite athletes more often and spend more on research on doping, so that it is easier to notice that someone has doped himself, because there are preparations understand doping tests.

Why do you take drugs?

Primarily, it is the desire to get big muscles as quickly and easily as possible, which means that you start to take drugs. You are so eager to have big muscles that you do not care that it is dangerous to take drugs. Almost all male models are well trained and have big muscles. It makes enough so that teenage guys want to look like them. Just as anorexia problem, the girls want to look like them slender girls in promotional ads.
You may also want to take drugs to win a race, everyone has their "reasons" to begin with doping. But one can often achieve the same objective without being baptized. Another reason may be that boys think girls need to have big muscles. Most girls probably do not want their guys take drugs, but they want enough that you should have some muscle. But for many guys does weight training, using anabolic. You may also want to train up to the summer and the beach, as quickly as possible so that you see doping as a good or maybe only solution. There are also those who take doping to it say that anabolic steroids give a better self confidence though you do not have some or a lot of muscle.

What side effects are there?

Those physical problems that doping can provide, is a small problem for society. But they psysiska side effects are a problem. Consumption of doping can lead to anxiety, stress, koncetrationssvårigheter, severe depression, hallucinations and nightmares. The biggest problem is aggresiviteten and irritation that increase. The most dangerous thing is if you drink alcohol while consuming the tablets.

1992 was not allowed to manufacture, sell or possess doping.
April 1999 banned the use of doping substances.

Philip Lindh

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